Friday, January 14, 2011

Domestic Diva...

Who would have ever thought that the girl who used to make regular trips to Washington, DC to see her then most favorite band in the world, would ever actually settle down?  Calm and cool as a cucumber.  No worries and life is good.  I have fire, chocolate, Dew and bankies so I'm set.

Starting sometime last year I turned into this crazy domesticated animal that has nested themselves into a sancutary. 

Translation= I love my house.

People always make New Year's Resolutions.  I like to think of them as self improvement goals.  I have a few for 2011 that involve my house that I'm actually excited about.  A list of things to do, to make and to enjoy.  Am I'm going to put a lot of energy into that list if it kills me.  But taking it in baby steps might just accomplish the goals.  One thing at a time.  *sigh*

First on the list= the hallway.  It needs painted and the paint has been sitting IN the hallway since October, 2010.  (You know it's bad when you have to put the YEAR in!)

So that's the perfect project for this weekend.  What do you think about THAT Sweets?

I hear crickets chirping in the background.  Uh oh.  :)

Happy Friday!

Side Note: There's a freebie Friday over on the business blog.  If you are reading this after 12 noon, it's there so check it out because you just might like it.

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