Thursday, January 13, 2011

Irritation in WWW Dot Land...

Wordpress is a beautiful thing and before anyone reminds me... yes, I know this isn't a Wordpress blog that I'm using here.  It's a template and a mightly pretty one if I may say so myself!  :)

I use Wordpress for my business blog over at  Problem is, the site is now FRIED thanks to the Wordpress feature.  Let me tell you this... when you are semi dependent on something like a blog to help promote what you do for a living... it's going to screw you over eventually.  Right now it is telling me that I don't have sufficient permissions to access the page.  Huh.  Last time I checked, I OWNED it!  WTF?  It kinda feels like I'm being served with divorce papers... again.  UGH!

So it looks like I'm going to have to do a complete redo again.  Oh well.  A few new affiliate banners really never hurt anything.  I might just go all willy nilly and reinstate my Facebook account while I'm at it.  Remember, I say might.  :)

The one picture that I'm keeping in my head while going through the hours of pure HELL that Wordpress has once again caused for me is this:

Yeah, that says it all right there.  LOL!

*hugs* and Happy Wednesday!