Sunday, February 20, 2011

Favorite Things

I was thinking the other day how wonderful life really is.  Here is the millionth an one time that you have heard this: it really is the little things that can bring us so much joy in life.  What are a few of your favorite things?  Because here are a few of mine...

I absolutely love cherry flavored Chap Stick.  The stuff is the bomb!  Sweets doesn't care for it too much and will say something to me if I put it on and give him a smooch.  I guess if you aren't used to it then it can feel kinda weird.  I can't help it though because it smells great and and doesn't taste bad to boot.  I'd love to share some with him but unfortunately he doesn't like it.

So, let's go from one end to the other and don't jump to conclusions until you read this entire paragraph.  Hemrroid cream is the second best invention in the world.  And no, I'm not talking about using it where it is designed for.  I learned years ago that lack of sleep can puff and darken the eyes up like a damn raccoon.  So you take this little magic tonic and put it under your eyes and on your eyelids.  Guess what?  It does the same thing to the skin around your eyes as it does to the other end that it is really created for and in a few minutes, the puffiness and dark circles from lack of sleep are GONE.  Don't wash it off and for God's sake don't touch your eyeball!  Just put on your makeup like you normally would and DISCO.  You are good to go!

Another love of mine is this place--------------------------------->
How sweet the feeling of walking in and discovering a little treasure here and there.  I recommend you take gloves and patience.  It's not your normal, run of the mill Goodwill.  They charge by the pound, not by the item.  I've scored a LOT of really good stuff there for the flea markets and... it's getting close to that time of year again so I have to make the time to go and check it out.  LOVE IT.  The other people shopping there can be a bit obnoxious but I don't mind because we aren't looking for the same things.  The stuff that I'm looking for is usually tossed to the side.  Things like holiday decorations, vintage linens, cookie cutters and other vintage kitchen stuff... the list is really endless and I've scored really big every time I go.

This is another favorite thing.  My Sophie.  That dog has been with me for almost the past 5 years and has witnessed so many things in her life.  Sometimes I wish she could talk but then again, most of the time I'm happy that she can't.  She is my protector and sticks to me like glue when I'm home.  Even if I get up to go to the bathroom she will be waiting for me when I open the door to exit.  Now that's loyalty and maybe even love.

She's fond of Sweets but he's bribed her with hot dogs and bacon.  Sophie has a bad habit of laying on the floor in front of his recliner.  When he goes to get up, she has to move and it drives him CRAZY.  I think she does it on purpose just to piss him off.  I know that's why I'd do it if I were a dog.

I just don't understand how she can sleep with her nose up her own butt like that.  I understand why, it how a Husky will sleep to protect their face from the cold when they sleep outside but it's not cold in the house at all.  Wierdo.

Well, it's cookie time which is another one of my favorite things.  Only question now is should I make peanut butter or chocolate chip?  Hmm...

Happy whatever day of the week it is right now.  I'm clueless at the moment and that's actually a little bit scary!


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  1. You clueless? haha I'll bite my tongue on that one..hahaha.

    Yeah smelling your own butt all the time while you sleep, wouldn't seem like a pleasant idea, but I guess she just likes it.

    Animals can be wierd, my Savannah is crazy altogether..haha.

    Hemroid cream huh? Never saw that one coming..haha

    Keep enjoying the little things!


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