Sunday, February 13, 2011

To Blog or Not to Blog... Writing or Video?

I think I just took a trip to psycho ville on a first class ticket.  All I know is that Google is pushing my buttons in a bad kinda way tonight.  How in the heck can someone actually follow their own blog?  "That don't make no sense!"

Anyway... A couple of people have mentioned the good ol' video blogs that I used to do quite often a few years ago.  Back when I was skinny, single and cute before the last 10 months of marriage added 10 pounds that went right to my ass.  (It's Sweet's fault.  Him and his damn chocolate chip cookies!)  I used to do them a lot before turned into a business site and when I used to blog on Myspace a lot.  A kinda crummy sample of one of those old video blogs is over there---------------------------------->

So the question of the week is: Should I bring the video blogs back?  It won't be all the time because YouTube blocks some countries from seeing them (which I think is pooh but who am I?).  They were fun and I liked making them.  And every once in a while I do think about them.  The hard part is really coming up with something to actually talk about for approximately 5 minutes.  5 minutes really is a long time for a one sided conversation.  Unless I'm reading a story about good old Roscoe.  I miss writing about that poor old stupid weasel.

Nothing much is really going on around here.  I've just been working a lot and have spent the last few days building websites, writing and talking to Sophie just to hear my own voice.  The poor woman at GoDaddy probably thought I was nuts today.  I called about a problem with a domain name and yapped her damn ear off.  That has GOT to be a drawback of working in a room alone for so many hours at a time.  I talk to myself so often that Sweets looks at me like I'm nuts sometimes.  But, it's worth it.  It's always worth it.

At least I'm not visiting the knife auction at Christy's anymore.  Now THERE'S a scary thought!  :)

Happy Sunday my friends.


  1. GOOOOOOOOOOO for it Lanie :))) Gary R

  2. I'd definitely love to see you doing it again :)

  3. Look forward to your blog each and every day. Where do you come up with these ideas to write/talk about?

  4. hahaha bah everyone talks to themselves or their pets, if you start answering back there may be a


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