Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekend in Photos...

Our weekend consisted of...

Sweets and I had dinner with my brother's family.  I love them!

Went somewhere we haven't been in quite a while.

Seeing a lot of this kind of pouting...

Enjoying a little bit of this...

And being terribly pissed off about this...

We were going to go on a road trip up north.  I took this picture where the road actually wasn't as bad and I could stop white knuckling the "oh shit" bar in the truck.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  With the exception of the freakin' snow killing our trip that I was so excited about, we did.

Happy Monday!




  1. Hmmm could someone be trying to escape a written blog post by throwing in pictures?..LOL

    Nice pics and yeah I hate the stupid white stuff so much. Love the one of your dog sulking.

  2. Lovely pictures! It's always good to spend time with family.
    Hope your trip will be possible soon.

  3. Glad you could spend time w/family. I went to parent's house for Super Bowl. Poor Sophie. She looks like Sadie and Heidi when I go away :-)

    Chris :-)

  4. That bread must have been delicious!


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