Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Insect? Yes? No? Maybe So? Video Blog 3/22

I almost missed video blog day!  Movie Maker has a case of PMS today so it was taking its sweet a** time with processing this week's video.  4 hours to edit and process.  What a crock of pooh.  Next week?  Well, I'll use the new version that I downloaded while trying to speed up today's monstrosity!  :)  Hope you enjoy it.

Thank you Pat from The Factinary for the video! You can visit his blog at Rhyme Time!

"See" you guys tomorrow!

Next week's video blog subject= shoes.  I'm going to show you just how bad a shoe addict's collection can get.  :)




  1. I’m a pack rat too
    I think most people are in one way or two
    Yes kinda of do look like an insect
    Especially if things reflect
    Awww gave a shout to cat
    And another to Pat
    Aren’t you nice
    As you did it twice
    Good you don’t talk about junk
    Or then you might be sunk
    Awww it’s hard to get on your card list
    I guess I should be flattered and cheer with my fist
    Aww had to go and show the mutt
    Hahaha she loves that ball she’s got
    She had fun playing with herself with it
    You weren’t needed on bit..haha
    She has tons on energy I’d say
    Must have to spend lots of time in play
    Her and the wild cat would have a ball
    Running up and down the hall
    Does she use the slide
    Or has she ever tried
    That be a funny sight
    As she ignores you with her might
    The cat don’t forget but keep the hugs
    That just bugs
    Off I go
    Not fast but not slow

  2. Lanie,

    Great video post as always. All I will say about the glasses is "Is it time for my closeup, Mr Deville?" LOL

    Thanks for the bookmark mention as well. I just keep hanging on "is she going to mention me? mention ... wait for it ... wait ... YES@!"

    Sorry I am a day late :-( Work has been a nightmare. I am going to try and hit a couple of places in Indy this year. Maybe all (me, you and Sweets) of us could grab lunch or something on a Saturday in October? You have time to think about it. Almost six months at least :-)

    Rhyme Time is hilarious. I am glad I joined the factinary. See you next week :-)

    Chris :-)


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