Thursday, March 17, 2011

My LATE Video... March 17th, 2010

I don't really mean the Ebay comment to sound as negative as it does.  Geesh.  I can be a little snotty sometimes!  New camera works great now that I have everything figured out.

Oh, and Sweets has a little "slip of the tongue" with the F word.  *sigh*  It's one of the things I love about him.  Well, besides that darn accent!  :)



  1. Lanie,

    You look awesome in HD ( :-) )

    The sound is a little "choppy" in the background. Is a ceiling fan running or Sweets grinding his teeth :-).

    Another shoutout? I am overwhelmed with all this attention. faceitfacts is going to blog about my site at some point. YeHaw. lol

    Great video post. Keep it up.

    BTW - I have a crappy monitor and the "poppy" things came up no problem. Let me know if I can debug anything else you are afraid doesn't show up on the screen :-) I always vote on your questions :-)

    Chris :-)

  2. Hmmm...Helena in HD...will Helena in 3D be next on the horizon? Hell, I loved watching you on your old dinosaur! :) And sorry I didn't vote before (I didn't really notice before)...I voted now, and I've been recycling for years!

  3. A whole week
    Have you reached your peak?
    Or have you just stalled
    Then soon your addiction will be back and called
    Yes there are alot of dumb butts
    They act like they are dumber than mutts
    The cat as been busy as hell
    Which is where I've been for a spell
    But the 7 minutes here were fun
    In HD is was well done
    I vote as I'm not lazy
    Even if you are a tad
    That cat has surpassed you on twitter
    Does that make you bitter
    Thanks for the Factinary plug
    I will go and not longer bug
    Are you really a liar?
    And didn't domain name retire
    Buying them when saying you bought none
    Oh how that must be fun
    Ok I am really done
    As I have to run


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