Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Camera Bites It, Domain SCORE & The Green Guy...

Email Address

Link to the Green Guy's Fiverr Gig: This is SO freakin' cool!

Happy Wednesday!

Lanie :)


  1. Your camera went kaput
    Did you trap on it with your foot
    Maybe Sophie gave it a lick
    Causing something to stick
    You don't have the guts
    Yet you have a smut site with butts
    Hmmm you just said hell
    I had to go and tell
    Just fiver is fun
    And that Green Man I have to use to get something done
    hahaha that is so funny
    well worth the money
    It's the suit they wear for movies so they don't appear on screen
    When they want stuff to float like a ghost that is mean
    There is some info for you for today
    As I know alot about movies every way
    I can write the words
    But the music not a chance as I leave that to the birds
    I know a guy though
    But he much charge a bit much for your little show
    Off I go
    Whoops no hello
    All done
    Calling be a bitch again so fun

  2. Wow spelling was off there
    But you get the point so why care

  3. Lanie,

    9 minutes beats 2 hour round trip drive time ... lol

    Sorry camera bit the dust. My website and URL go kaput 4/12 unless I renew with Go Daddy. I will look into this Gator thing to see if I can get a better deal.

    Chris :-)


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