Wednesday, May 4, 2011

And Time Stands Still...

Have you ever had a moment of clarity and been able to see something for what it really is?  Clear as crystal with no emotional interference and nothing standing between you and what is right in front of you?  Time stands still in that moment and it's like being rustled from a deep sleep that you really just don't want to exit from.

Sometimes I think our sight becomes darkened.  We see things that aren't really there because we want them to be so badly that our mind plays tricks on us.  We forget who and what we are.  Where we came from.  And the lessons that we have payed so dearly for in the past.  Instead, we see an illusion.  And as that illusion starts to fade in the mist in truth, we realize exactly what we have done.

Sometimes we realize that waking up can be the disappointment of the day because that dream is dead and it will have no funeral.  No ending to the beginning.  No closure and no answer to the question why.  Sometimes there just aren't any answers and we have to live with never knowing.

When you come to a realization that serious change is on the horizon and there's nothing you can do to stop it and have lost control of your life, it can be just as heartbreaking as the journey that got you there.  And there is more to come.  It's inevitable, unstoppable... it's just there.  And destiny begins to feel like an invasion of the undesirable.  And failure... well... failure is not an option because it never is.  There is no failure of life because life is life and life is the most valuable asset we have.

We are made no promises of great things when we enter this world.  No promises that we will never stumble, fall or make mistakes.  Sometimes those stumbles are hard.  Sometimes we break when we fall and sometimes our mistakes are huge.  There just aren't any easy ways out.  If history has taught me anything it's that every time I go against my gut feeling I end up stumbling, falling or making a huge mistake that has to be fixed or cleaned up.  And I have made the promise to myself that I will never again go against my gut feeling.

Whether we realize it or not, we all have at least one gift and one shortcoming.  No one is perfection in every way and the sooner we realize that, the better our worlds will become.  You can not force someone to understand something or always take on your point of view.  What some see as a gift, others will sometimes see as a shortcoming.  No one is always right in everyone's eyes.  One of the most beautiful things about the human race is one of our biggest problems... we are all different with our own opinions and points of view.  And it can be our downfall.

It's as perfect as the passage of time until the moment that time stands still.  The stagnant and smothering feeling of the stopping of the clock.  Time stops for just a split second to lift the veil on truth, as painful and ugly as it may seem.


  1. Who are you and what have you done with Lanie?

    Geez went all deep with this one, has all that writing finally made you crack?

    Very good points too.
    But the cat has to disagree with you
    As the cat is simple perfection
    To bad Pat will never win that election..LOL

    Once again changed your header too
    You go through them like underwear you do..haha

  2. Hi Pat!

    LOL! No, it's not from the writing that I've been doing but there has been a lot thank goodness. I think there's a tad of emotional overload in there now that I read it again.

    We are sometimes our own worst enemy. :)

  3. Lanie,

    back to blogging and one of the more darker posts in awhile ... Yikes! lol

    Missed ya :-)

    Someone retired at work yesterday and I mentioned mine isn't for another 23 years. They mentioned it will be here before you know it.

    My son will be a senior in high school in the fall. Man how time flies.

    Chris :-)


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