Saturday, May 28, 2011

Take a Time Out Watson...

A friend introduced me to this song a long time ago.  I haven't been a fan of Michael Jackson since the Thriller days when I was a kid.  But this song grabbed me to the soul the first couple times I heard it.  Not your typical Michael Jackson song at all but it just has something.


I wish this weekend would be one for relaxing.  Taking a time out from all the BS that life sometimes brings.  But unfortunately that just isn't going to be the case because there is just way too much to be done.  The house needs cleaned.  Garden weeded.  Grass mowed.  Boxes to go through for Croy Creek next weekend.  Everything priced and entered into the inventory sheet.  Sophie needs brushed because it's that time of year and she's shedding A LOT.  My car needs cleaned out and I have to run to the license branch because my plates expire TODAY and I remembered that last night.

Then there's the business end.  I have to figure out why my email isn't working... again.  That seems to be a never ending battle and is one of the main reasons I give up on writing for clients and pulled the listings from Ebay.  I send their stuff multiple times and they might receive it once.  Dear Gmail: you suck.  Thank goodness for the sites that I write for.  But I'll get it figured out because that's what I do.  :)

In a perfect world, Watson would be sipping a Long Islands with tiny umbrellas in them tucked away in the hammock in the flower garden this weekend.  Relaxing in shorts, a warm n fuzzy sweatshirt and flip flops with sunglasses on in the sanctuary built under the trees listening to an old radio blaring out tunes from the 1940's at a volume that would cause the neighbors to complain.  Enjoying the aroma of hot dogs being burnt to a crisp on the grill to be eaten later with mayo and deviled eggs.  Everyone has a dream, right?  :)     

I'm writing it in for the weekend of June 11th.  In ink.  Watson is taking a time out.  A weekend to do the aforementioned afternoon in the sanctuary.  Before she starts kicking small furry animals.  Because small furry animals don't deserve it and Watson is all about saving the animals when she's not dreading all of the crap that's on the to do list.

Oh, and while we are at it... you can go HERE and buy a nicely priced mosquito net to hang over your hammock.  With all of the rain that we have had so far this year, I bet ya a dollar, a bag of Cheetos and a beer that you're going to need it!  Those little blood suckers are ruthless and if you are planning on doing any kind of relaxing this summer in your hammock, you are going to need it!  Yeah, that's me.  Always looking out for you and trying to keep you Malaria free. 

I love you guys.  :)

Happy Memorial Day Weekend.  And happy summer!


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  1. Lanie,

    Thanks! I love you too! :-)

    My Memorial Day weekend is starting off ok. No work from my job to do this weekend (Yeah!). Person into help me gets their id this week. Few if any load tests for nights (Yipee). Just chilling and cleaning my house as well.

    Talk about shedding -- Heidi is losing more hair than I eve thought she had! Sadie is shed free (suprising because she is the part Husky one).

    Anyway, I heard about bed bugs being able to carry the MRSA (super staph infection). Yikes! All the more reason to not go anywhere this year on vacation.

    Happy Memorial Day!

    Chris :-)


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