Thursday, June 16, 2011

How to... CraigsList

I admit that CraigsList is starting to grow on me.  With all of the horror stories that you hear about it, I can understand the concern.  But after careful contemplation I decided that since I'm not looking to get laid or for a massage with a happy ending, the chances of running across an idiot are no greater than when we are at the Flea Market or when I'm out shopping for groceries.  Morons, mean people and stranger danger is everywhere so it's impossible to avoid it and life would suck being cooped up in the house all the time because of the chance of being hit by a bus walking out the front door.

Selling on CraigsList is extremely easy, FREE and safe if done correctly.  It's no different that selling in a local trade publication or the classifieds of a newspaper.  I've sold a few things here and there on the site.  In fact, my goal is to eventually sell at least 1 item per day instead of a few a week.

Safety is rule #1 and everyone that I've sold something to are happy to meet in a public place to conduct the transaction.  It's usually a gas station parking lot close to my house.  It keeps us both safe and we just stay off to the side.  Make the money and merchandise exchange then either chit chat for a minute or just go our merry way.  It's quite simple.

One thing that I have noticed is that most people do not include a phone number in their listings on the site.  They choose the email option instead.  Now, my personal experience is put the freakin' number up so a buyer can contact you RIGHT NOW to schedule pick up or viewing of the item.  It makes the transaction go faster and I don't have to dick around waiting for someone to email me back.  If they want to buy it, they want to buy it now.  Giving them time via email gives them time to change their mind or find another one from someone else... like me... that is available for immediate contact.

Email also opens you up for scammers.  The guy from Nigeria is not going to call or text me wanting to send me a check for my item that's for too much and ask me to Western Union the difference back to him.  (Side note: I can't believe people STILL fall for that scam but I guess they do because it's still going on.)  The only time my phone goes off is when someone is actually wanting to buy one of my items.  Easy, breezy people!

So, next time you have something that you are wanting to unload and are contemplating selling it on CraigsList, go for it!  Just don't let them come to your house, always meet in a public place and include your cell number so they can get in contact with you right then before they change their mind!

Or you could just call me.  If the price is right and I can resell it to make a few bennies, I just might buy it from you.  LOL!

Happy Thursday!




  1. Aren't you just the selling guru. to bad Craigslist sucks completely in Canada.

    Verification word was

  2. LOL! I think there is something up with captcha codes. They always seem to form words close to anything that you do online.

  3. Lanie,

    Kinda totally off topic, but with all this going on with former congressman weiner -- kind of reminds me of old blog post about ashley madison and boner pic website you were thinking of creating ... LOL Blast from the past.

    Chris :-)


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