Friday, June 10, 2011

Screw You Walmart...

What ever happened to normal, every day kindness and customer service?  And I'm not referring to kissing a customer's ass when there's a problem or anything of the sort.  I'm talking about a cashier or two not being a total freakin' asshole on the other side of the counter for no apparent reason.

I can't help it if I look like your ex-girlfriend that fucked you over and took your dog.  Or someone that terrorized you in high school.  Checking out at Walmart now days feels like a trip to the dentist to get a tooth pulled.  Whether I have coupons or not, it's the part of the trip that I dread the most.  Inevitably I pick the one cashier that has a raging case of PMS, hates their job and isn't afraid to be an ass.

Thing is, I'm getting braver too.  It's all because I'm finally fed up with crappy customer service and the feeling that I'm bothering the very person who is supposed to be ringing me up and taking my money by my very presence.  I've talked to Walmart Corporate Office, 2 Walmart Store Managers and 1 Kroger store manager in the past 2 weeks.  I normally wouldn't do something like that at ALL.  But enough is enough and I've had enough.

Walmart preaches that they have lower prices.  On some things they do.  Their clothes are garbage and overpriced.  When it comes to shopping there you have to remember that you are paying for the QUALITY of the product.  I like my clothes to last more than one season so unless you are buying for growing kids, it's a waste of money.  The stuff just doesn't last!  As far as their groceries go, with sales and coupons at Kroger, Marsh and Meijer, Walmart is actually HIGHER priced than other grocery stores.  A lot higher.  I didn't realize exactly how much higher they are until I started watching sales and using coupons.

So combine overpriced groceries with clothes that are overpriced and low quality, crap press board furniture that falls apart quickly and rude employees (cashiers & CSM's) and what do you get?  I'll tell you what you'll get from me (you knew that was coming!).  I will only shop your store when a coupon results in a free item or something that is less than 50cents.  Period.  If I have to put up with that kind of bullshit when I'm trying to give you MY money... well...  it just ain't gonna happen anymore.  You are going to pay ME to shop at YOUR store and put up with YOUR employees.  And if you think I can't do it then you are highly mistaken.  There's something that I can get for free every week with a coupon and I'll be sure to use it at YOUR store instead of anywhere else.  Yeah, I'm just THAT tired of their crap and I do carry a copy of their coupon policy with me that is updated every week and I know the rules very well.

Kroger is another story and I treat them with kid gloves.  A lot of their cashiers have issues too but not to the extreme that Walmart does.  I had a great conversation with the store manager of the Kroger that is closest to my house and actually haven't had a problem since.  Before my phone call it was a nightmare too.  But I think Kroger takes their customer service on a more serious level than Walmart.  They say that for every customer that calls to complain, 100 don't and just won't come back.  Maybe they have received a few phone calls.  Who knows.

My ALL time favorite store that has the most wonderful, friendly and helpful employees is CVS.  I love shopping at CVS.  If they were to open a grocery store, I'd be there on opening day with bells on.  I've never had an issue that wasn't corrected immediately (they are a bit notorious for not entering clearance items correctly into the computer system) but once the issue is pointed out, they fix it right then.  They do their best to answer any questions.  I don't think I've ever seen an employee in a bad mood there and they are so nice that it gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling inside.

Yeah, I love CVS.

Kroger= Better than it used to be.

Walmart= They have a LONG way to go.  They remind me of the child that is "too big for their britches."  It will be interesting to see if that comes back and bites them in the ass because they need some serious customer service training sessions to straighten their act up.  They suck.  But they have a lot of free shit when you coupon so I'll be getting my freebies from them only from now on.  Thanks Walmart!

Well, that's all for today.  I'm climbing off my soapbox until at least Sunday.  I'm spending the rest of the day in the garden and getting things ready for the market this weekend.  Hopefully the rain will stay north!  *fingers and toes crossed*

Happy Friday!




  1. What is CVS? Must only be down there, as I've never heard of that.

    For me it's BestBuy those assholes really just pissed me off, the idiots screwed up and made me wait an extra hour just to fix overcharging $10 bucks. Plus they have like 50 employees on at one time and one person working the cash. Haven't gone there since, they can stuff it.

  2. Lanie,

    Sorry you have trouble with WalMart. I am glad Kroger is turning around. It's been awhile since you have been on your soapbox with your bull horn.

    Great post
    Chris :-)

  3. Pat- CVS is a drug store. They do have a very small section of groceries & cleaning stuff but they usually concentrate on Health & Beauty items. I LOVE them!

    BestBuy has had their issues here too. I usually buy computers there vs. online cause I like to actually see what I'm getting. They did good for us when that video camera bit the dust but I only deal with them about once a year. That does sound HORRIBLE though!

    Chris- Yeah, Kroger is turning it around, thank goodness. I think I was starting to get softer with age... for a while anyway! LOL!



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