Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Watch Your Step!

Ya know, I was thinking the other day about shoes.  Probably because I like them so much but then again, probably because my goal this summer is to wear them as little as possible.  I'm not much into the farmer foot tan  that you get from wearing shoes outside in the summer.  You know what I'm talking about.  That look where your ankles and feet are ghostly white but your legs and the rest of you that is able (or should be) seen in public is that nice, crispy brown color.  The farmer foot tan!  :)

I've spent more time outdoors in the summer for the past couple of years than at any other time in my life except for when I was a kid swinging from the tree branches at my grandparent's house or devising a slick, inconspicuous way of causing bodily harm to my little brother.  In other words... I've been spending a LOT of time outside!  Gone is that ghostly white skin that I was so happy with.  But, it's ok because I think I can live with it.

UGH!  I'm getting off track here... sorry!

Anyway, Sweets and I were having a conversation on our way into the mall to get our pretzels when I actually made the comment that I hated shoes.  He called BS on my statement so I had to rephrase it... I have rediscovered my hatred of wearing shoes in the summer time.  And I do hate it immensely.

Shoes can be restricting and painful sometimes.  Even though I do have my favorites picked out of my collection of 126 pairs that currently adorn my closet.  My all time, most comfortable, most loved and MISSED from September of last year to May of this year are my silver tipped black cowboy boots that Sweets bought for me a couple of years ago.  I LOVE those boots.  More comfortable than tennis shoes.  More comfortable than flip flops.  No matter if I have socks on or not, these freakin' boots rock.  Combine them with one of my hats and I can be ready to go just about anywhere in 15 seconds flat.

I've been wearing them everywhere since I found them so I guess it's a good thing that cowboy boots are versatile and can be worn with just about anything, including shorts.  If I can't go barefoot this summer, I'm wearing these boots.

Unfortunately people do notice and I've gotten more than my fair share of "Where'd you park your horse?" and "Yee haw" this summer.  I personally find it amusing and just smile at them.  If it makes them feel good to speak up, then so be it.  But I wonder if I'll actually hear anything original or catchy this summer?  So far it's been a bit of a let down although I think Sweets has found it amusing.

So in celebration of summer and my hatred of wearing shoes in the summer time, I'm declaring my boundaries of the house and yard an official NO SHOES zone.  Just watch out for the Sophie poop in the back yard.  If it's between pickups, it can be a messy situation if you don't watch your step.  

Happy Summer!  Happy Tuesday and Happy Day Without Rain!




  1. Oh I just cringe at the thought of stepping in Sophie poo in my barefeet
    Making them all brown wouldn't be neat
    The cat will just bring another mutt along come dawn
    And he'll go eat all the poop on your lawn
    See problem solved
    Isn't the cat just so highly evolved..LOL

  2. Lanie,

    Farmer foot tan ... LOL We call a Farmer Tan the demarcation line between a white tshirt sleeve and the rest of your arm :-)

    I call walking in the backyard "Watching out for IDE's" (Improvised Dog Excrement).

    Chris :-)


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