Saturday, July 16, 2011

Investigate, Adapt and Overcome...

I seriously hope the length of this post doesn't cause your eyes to burst into flames.  It's a rambling kind of Saturday morning.

I've been slowly making the transition over to AP style writing because honestly, it pays better than the loosey-goosey style that I have been using for so many years.  In a nutshell, you could say that I'm starting to buckle down because I had what I call a Helen Keller moment and I too now know that W-A-T-E-R spells water.

Writing is funny sometimes.  In the beginning I really didn't have a clue.  I knew I could write but could I write decent, usable copy that people would want to buy?  There was no confidence here but as time has went on, the confidence has been growing.  You have to have a pretty thick skin to write for a living and something to do on the side to supplement it, at least in the beginning.  Writing for SEO purposes is easy.  The writer just writes like they speak, crams the piece with keywords and hands it over to the client.  AP style is completely different.  It contains proper grammar, punctuation and isn't necessarily written the same way you would say it when talking to your friends.

Nothing on is written in AP style.  If it was, it wouldn't last long at all because it would bore you to tears.    

When I took my college level English Composition course 14 years ago, my professor pretty much in a nut shell said my writing sucked and I had no concept of comma usage and proper grammar.  She hammered me on the papers that I wrote.  I'll never forget that freakin' red pencil that she used to circle the commas and make her little notes in the margins.  UGH.  What a blow to the confidence.  But at the time, I didn't want to be a writer.  The class was a requirement to move on and that's why I took it.  I still received a B even though the professor dogged me every chance she got.  I actually lost interest in writing for a while because she was extremely brutal.  What a bitch is all I can say about it now.  And I've found over the years that she was wrong on a lot of what she bashed me on.  Nice.

I've done a lot of research on freelance writing over the past few months because I could smell the stench of change on the horizon.  As a result I've been able to locate a few different ideas, sites and tools that are pulling my writing out of what I call "the writing ghetto."  I'm getting away from writing for sites that accept low quality SEO writing.  Taking the plunge into more challenging sites and projects.  It's easy to be good at what you do when the majority of the rest of the pool has a language other than English as their native tongue.

With Google's introduction of Panda earlier this year, I suspect that the content mills will begin to see the brunt of that if they haven't already.  Google is the internet's version of Captain Picard and if he says to make it so, then so it shall be.  And Google wants better quality, original content on websites and rewards those sites with higher page rank.  Some webmasters blew a gasket when Panda went live.  Others that have content that wasn't overly stuffed silly with low quality, repetitive crap content (like me and a few of my friends) are absolutely tickled pink.

But I'm getting off track again.  As usual.

With the research that I have done recently, I found that there are in fact bigger and better things available.  I've had a few breakthroughs lately that have been extraordinary confidence builders.  I can write proper, informative, original content even though I was terrified of the rejection.  And the rejection came from one site that I actually expected it from.  So I did the revisions, resubmitted and was finally accepted.  Accepted.  My first article ever with no grammar, punctuation or error of any kind.

I still write for Textbroker and ECopywriters everyday.  I love those sites because they are no muss, no fuss.  I pick what I want to write about from their pool of open articles and they pay better than 99% of the content mills out there.  In a nutshell, they keep me off the cheese line and out of the Shrink's office.  Although the recent addition of Constant Content may put me in the nuthouse.  That's a hard site to get approval on but it's worth it if a writer can get their articles posted for sale on there.

Residual income is calling my name now so I'm going to be testing it out with HubPages and Associated Content.  The goal is one new article on each site per day.  Residual income from articles means it's written once, posted then left alone (unless it needs updated for some reason).  These articles will have the potential to acquire income forever.  If an article only makes $1.00 a month and I have posted one on each site every day... in 2 years they will pull $1,460.00 per month.  It's quite tempting when you look at it that way.  There's a lot more involved but I won't bore you with the details because this blog is seriously long enough.

So I think I've rambled enough this morning.  I can't help it though.  I love the writing world.  It helps me breathe.  Feeds the soul and even through the frustrations, rejections and days when I stare at the computer with a blank mind, it sure does keeps me happy.

Happy Saturday!

~ Lanie   


  1. hahaha so your english professor was a big grammar nazi and a wrong one at that. That's funny..hahaha

    I'm glad Google is finally doing something about those crap sites that just shove something up for keywords and usually only makes half sense.

    Good money can be made at writing, just as you say it takes a while and most are unwilling to do that, as they want it now and it just isn't going to happen.

  2. Lanie,

    Writing is a way to dust the cobwebs from the mind. It rights the turbulent waters of the subconcious and gives smooth sailing to the Ego and Id. Best of luck and I hope you gather significant revenue to make it worthwile.

    Great posts as always,
    Chris :-)


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