Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lazy Kinda Sunday...

It's a lazy day today.  Not to be confused with a pajama day.  Sweets and I are heading out soon on the quest for a ladder and few other things that might prove useful in our lives.  But we are in no hurry.  After all, it's a lazy day today.  But it's also a good day.

Today is my mamma's birthday.

When we return home later today, I'm going to make a garden feast.  We'll stop at a little local grocery store around the corner from the house to get steaks and I'll pick beans and carrots from the garden.  Maybe, just maybe I'll make some bread and Sweets and I can eat ourselves silly this evening.

The garden is doing well.  Not as well as I would like but for a non-GMO, no chemicals allowed garden, it's doing pretty good.  Although I have to do some research to find out what the hell is eating our bean plants and what I can do to stop it.

We do have one stalk that went a little willy nilly with the side shoots on the corn.  My brother's corn did the same thing and he looked it up to see why and found that corn will do that when exposed to windy weather to help stabilize the stalk and keep itself upright.  This particular stalk went a bit overboard with it and looks really odd.  But there's not a thing wrong with it.

Those gorgeous red silks on the top of each developing ear are the pretties shade of red I've ever seen.  Soon I will be able to pick which stalk and ear will be used for next years planting.  I can already smell the ears roasting on the charcoal grill.  Life is good when you bite into an ear of corn from your own garden that's been roasted over a charcoal grill.  Heck, I might even try to talk Sweets into using wood for that because the grill he bought can do it.

When we were out walking the garden yesterday, I told him that when he tills the garden under this fall if he could till the other side of the yard that it would be awesome.  You see, next year, that other side will be nothing but corn.  I should be able to get about 6 to 8 rows on that side of the yard.  I counted 22 ears from one row on what we have.  So 22 x 6 = 132 ears next year.  With canning and freezing, 132 ears will last the year.  44 won't.  I love corn but try to stay away from it as much as possible right now because it's all GMO.  The corn we planted isn't GMO.  It's all natural like what was around pre-Monsanto BS.  So in a nutshell, I plan on eating the hell out of it and think that we need to plant more.  A lot more.

Watermelon.  Oh my gosh, how I LOVE watermelon!  I remember as a kid eating watermelon.  Juice dripping down my arms and spitting out the seeds.  Watermelon taste the best when it's straight off the vine, hacked into with an old butcher knife and eaten in the backyard with friends and family.  Yes, we planted watermelon and there are 4 plants still living out of 7.  Anticipation can really suck sometimes.

Yes, the garden really is doing well and I'm already planning for next year.  This fall will be a fresh planting of sugar snap peas, carrots and lettuce.  I have a package of Hollyhocks to plant by the front door and will be thinning out perennials and Sweets and I will finish the clean up in the very back of the yard.  Then we'll purchase another load of firewood.  Even with 90 degree weather hanging around, fall is creeping right around the corner.  How do I know?  Because the mums told me and the mums are never wrong.  *sigh*

Happy Lazy Sunday my friends!




  1. Lanie,

    Great post about garden. My Parent's have a little triangle of tomatoes and peppers. Can, Can, Can. Don't sell any because the MAN will be all over you. (reference Amish Dairy Farmer). I have a really nice 8 ft ladder that is fiberglass and helps me change lightbulbs in the basement and garage. Not to mention gutter things around the house. Probably one of the better purchases I have done.

    Chris :-)

    BTW - Happy Birthday Lanie's MOM!!!!!!!

  2. Wow really have the green thumb, better not let spud near it or it might be all dug up..haha

  3. Chris,

    Mama says thanks for the B-day wishes. :)

    We do keep it all. I share with the neighbors and will be giving some to my parents but everything else will get packed away to use over the year. I've read a few instances about farmers having trouble. Especially with raw milk now of all things.

    We didn't find a ladder. :( But there's always next weekend!

    Hi Pat!

    Isn't that the truth! Either dug up or pooped on. Ewwww!!!


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