Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Oh Twitter...

I've been on Twitter for a while but haven't been utilizing the account much lately.  I like to be able to respond to people when they send messages on there so I have GOT to remember to log into TweetDeck in the mornings when I fire up my computers!  I've even lost over $25 in Sponsored Tweet income because... I've... been... too... lazy... to... check... it.  Oops.  That won't happen again.  Lazy, lazy, LAZY!  Even though $25 isn't a lot of money at all these days, it's still a few days groceries when I work my coupon magic.  :(

Quite a while back Twitter got this crazy idea to upgrade their site to what they like to call "New Twitter."  Well, in a nutshell, "New Twitter" sucks.  I hate it.  What ever happened to if it isn't broke don't fix it?  I'm sure there are a lot of people out there that like the so called "new" features that "New Twitter" provides.  But it's actually a duplicate of what is there on TweetDeck.  So I imagine they are trying to pull people away from using alternate programs.  Problem is, I like TweetDeck and will continue to use it.

So now Twitter is giving me a warning across the top of my page that I WILL be forced to switch to the "New Twitter" very, very soon.  Problem is, do you see those urls on the side circled in the fresh, minty green?  Yeah, those websites paid for those spots on the background.  It's a one time fee and I made it clear that they would eventually be destroyed by Twitter's insistence that we ditch the old for the new.

If I recall, once upon a time there was another popular website that fixed it's unbroken platform too.  They called it Myspace.  It used to be the big boy of social media and now is just a fraction of what it used to be.  People didn't go to Facebook from Myspace because Facebook was necessarily better.  They went because Myspace became so hard to use that Facebook became the site of choice.

I guess it's just a matter of time before Twitter forces me to conform to their new page.  I'm still holding out, holding on and hoping that it will last at least a little while longer.  But that message up there looks like I may be SOL.  And soon.

Do you Twitter?  If so, follow me on there, leave a comment here letting me know who you are and I'll follow you back if I'm not already.

Happy Tuesday my friends!




  1. Despise Twitter's new crap, what is it with these idiots fixing crap, as you say that isn't broken? They just can't leave well enough alone. Facebook just keeps adding more and more garbage by the day and now Twitter will be doing the same. What next blogger going to screw with us now?

    Should just leave it be, but oh no, stupid.

  2. Oh you took WV off too, how nice of you..lol

  3. Hi Pat,

    No they sure can't just leave it alone. It kills me when they take something that works just fine and mess with it. I strongly believe that's the reason why Myspace took a nosedive. I'm not a computer moron and it's hard even for me to figure out! LOL!

    Hopefully Blogger will not change anything for a long time. It's so darn user friendly! I've already decided if they do become goofy I'll move the hosting and go with Wordpress. But I like to have a back up plan just in case anything happens.

    Yep. I removed the code requirement. Been thinking about it for a while and just did it when I made a few changes. If the spammers show up, I'll just turn it back on. :)

  4. Yeah always have a back up plan, I work with that rule too..haha

    Yeah by the time I looked at myspace it just looked so overly complicated I just said screw it and moved on.

    So far so good taking the WV off for me, no spammers at my rhyming sea..lol


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