Monday, August 15, 2011

Freshwater Maneating Fish, Snoopy and Spud's Broken Ear

There have been a few interesting and head scratching developments this weekend.  You know, things that make you say "WTF?  REALLY??"

Creepy Snoopy

First is Snoopy.  I have no idea where in the hell this thing came from but it was laying on the bathroom rug on Saturday afternoon.  *Insert creepy, psycho music here.*

I asked Sweets if he had seen it and he said it probably came out of the flea market stuff in the basement.  Thing is, I hand pick each and every one of those items and I don't remember seeing Snoopy in the mix.

Spud seems to like him, but then again, Spud likes anything that he could possibly eat now or later so I'm not surprised.  But I will say that if this thing starts doing ANYTHING stupid, I'll take it to the back yard, douse it in charcoal lighter fluid, set it on fire then bury the remains in someone else's yard.  The freakin' smile is enough to give me goosebumps for some reason.  I guess the verdict is in on this thing and we'll see what happens with it... I have my lighter handy in case of emergency.

What the Hell is Wrong With People?

On occasion, I go in and check the stats on all of my websites to see what's going on with them.  I can tell by the reports where a lot of my outside traffic comes from.  If you are using a bookmark or typing in the url, it just shows up as a page view.  If you have clicked a link to get here, it tells me where you came from.  It's a reporting system that is built into the Blogger framework and I only check it out of curiosity... well, and the fact that I'm nosy as hell since 99.99999% of you never show me any love by leaving a comment.

One of the things that it does is show me the search keywords in Google that people are using to find this blog.  There's been some really odd and interesting keywords popping up lately.  Yesterday was Sunday so traffic was slow (Sunday is the slowest day of the week) but the results were still kinda... weird.

So 5 people actually came to after Googling freshwater maneating fish?  Baby fist pump and angry baby fist pump are both from the June 30th blog Lanie Land so I can understand why that is showing up.  Caller id nightmare and fist pump baby are probably from the same entry.  I didn't realize people would look for a warm and fuzzy Lanie.  If they ever did find me, they'd be highly disappointed because warm and fuzzy are not two words that come to most people's minds that know me.   Dumpster diving?  I know I've talked about that before too.  But freshwater maneating fist?  Are you freakin' serious?  

So out of curiosity (I bet you knew that was coming!) I went over to Google AdWords to see just how many people have searched for that over the past month.  I got nothing for the entire phrase but (and here's the disturbing part) there have been 3,600 global searches for the phrase maneating fish.  1,900 of those are classified as being local.  Let me repeat that for you... 1,900 out of 3,600 searches were LOCAL.  I'm surrounded by some very interesting individuals and I wouldn't advise swimming anywhere in Indiana for the rest of the summer.

Please ignore the mess in the background.
I'm in the middle of rearranging my office!
Spud's Broken Ear

Spud is growing fast.  He's at that awkward puppy stage where he seriously resembles a fruit bat when he looks at you.  I think he still has that serious look.  He always has that expression on his face and it's kinda sad.  But one of his ears looks like it's broken.  No, it's not the angle of the photo either.  The other one stands up perfectly straight all the time now except for the very tip, even when he's sleeping.  The other one just flops around like it's broken and about to break loose.

Don't get me wrong, I still think he's adorable.  His fur is still so soft.  Almost freaky soft.  His spots are coming out more and it looks like the eye patch is a permanent marking.  He's growing kind funny though.  One day his legs are so long that he looks like he's walking on stilts then the next day he's gained so much weight that he reminds me of a Basset Hound.    

Oh, and yeah.  That's the freakin' Snoopy doll in the picture with him.  He's been carrying the damn thing around all morning like it's his next meal... or his new best friend.  Although I think that spot has already been taken.  :)

See?  I told you.  STILTS!  His freakin' legs look like he's walking on stilts!

Happy Monday!  :)




  1. Better watch out snoopy might pull a Chucky...hahaha

    Yeah it is friggin weird the stuff people look for and somehow find you.

    Damn his legs are getting long, glad he and Sophie get along.

  2. I think you pulled his legs (like in that video you posted the other day). If and when his body catches up with those legs Snoopy will be the least of your problems. :)

  3. Lanie,

    Heidi has an ear like that. It's really cute and I love it.

    Creepy Snoopy gives me the creeps too. The smile makes me think he is the henchman for the great pumpkin.

    Looks like Spud will be a tall one :-) He will be looking Sophie in the eye before you know it.

    Chris :-)


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