Thursday, August 25, 2011

From Spudward... With Love.

He says he doesn't love me,
But I know it isn't true.
He laughs and smiles at me
For some of what I do.

I'm just a little puppy
But someday I'll be a dog.
You think I eat too much now?
Just wait, I'll be a hog.

Lanie thinks I'm special.
Sophie thinks I'm neat.
But it makes me feel all nice inside,
When I get to lick some feet.

I'm quite the nasty baby.
At least that's what I've heard.
But never turn your back on me,
Cause I just ate cat turd.

Yes, I'm just a puppy.
Spudward is my name.
My eye patch makes me adorable,
It is my claim to fame.



**Translated and typed by Lanie since Spudward does not have thumbs.**


  1. Miss a day or two getting on line and Lanie's world changes. Like the new look! Had to catch up on the days I had have been busy and it is much easier to catch up with the changes. TWO THUMBS UP! Also, love the pictures of the dogs.

  2. hahaha are you going all rhyming cat now
    Maybe spud ate my poo somehow
    And caught the rhyming bug
    At your rug
    Very well interpreted I must say
    Looks like spud had a fun day
    I take it Sophie doesn't like to rhyme
    Or just can't find the time..haha

  3. Lanie,

    Nice pics of Spudward. Glad he can rhyme. My dogs are like Sophine and don't have the time :-)

    Chris :-)


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