Thursday, August 18, 2011

They Speak in Their Own Ways...

Sometimes I really wish they could talk.

OMG.  Look at that poor little face.  That one is always, ALWAYS so serious looking.  He's trying so hard to figure everything out.  Spud and I have something in common.  We are both trying so hard but failing so badly because there's some things we just don't understand.

If Spud were a human being, he'd be a three year old boy right now.  It's hard to remember because of his size that he's still only 15 weeks, or 3 1/2 months, old.  (His birthday is May 1st.)  This guy has a long way to go and I'm trying so hard to be patient with him.  His intentions are always good and he's a snuggler (unlike Sophie) but sometimes he just doesn't get it right.  *sigh*

For example, I didn't realize it until after the picture was taken but he has a mouth full of cat poop in the photo.  At least he waited until the photo was snapped before he started chewing. 

Sophie?  Well... Sophie is the wise one.  You can see it in her face when she looks at you.  She just knows things.

If Sophie were a human being she would be my adopted sister.  We would be able to talk for hours about absolutely nothing and everything.  She'd be the one to bring me chicken noodle soup whenever I get sick and keep me supplied in Kleenex and ice cream when I have a "girl moment."  She already knows all of my secrets because I told them to her a long time ago.  She's not telling a soul either.

What am I going to do with these two?

Love them.

Because that's all I can do.

Happy Thursday my friends.




  1. yes if only they could talk in our language and not just their own way, mouth full of cat poop you say..sounds yummy..haha

  2. Lanie,

    he sure is sneaky ... lol

    Chris :-)


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