Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I Know, I Know...

I haven't been here very much at all for the past couple of weeks.  There's been a lot going on in this house that has unfortunately diverted my attention and I didn't think a string of BS posts about our screwey weather, my absent mindless adventures or my couponing scores would be very interesting to anyone.  :)

So we will pick up with another dog post about Spud's first trip to the vet.  Now admittedly I should have taken him sooner but other things were going on that kept me from getting it done.  He's a puppy, not a child, so it wasn't THAT bad that it took me over a month to get him to the vet.

The entire way there he was sitting in the seat with his front paws on the console of the truck looking at me like that.  The entire freakin' way to the vet.  He normally doesn't ride in a vehicle like that either.  Normally he's like a cat trying to climb up on my shoulders or tries to lay in my lap.  I really felt sorry for him.

We got to the vet's office and I found out why the dog food bill is killing me.  4 1/2 month old Spudward tips the scales at 23 pounds.  The vet confirmed my suspicions when I asked.  This boy is going to be a moose when he's full grown and since he already has the climbing talents of a mountain goat, I think we may be in trouble.

I can't wait to see his reaction to the Christmas tree.  And yes, I am rolling my eyes with a bit of sarcasm in my voice there.  It seriously would not surprise me to see the darn thing laying in the middle of the hallway with the lights and tinsel ripped off from where he was able to tip it over.  That just really sounds like something Spudward would do.

Anyway, back to the vet.  I imagine that Spudward's impression of the vet's office is that it is a building where they give you lots of treats, play with you and talk about how adorable you are.  Spudward really is a cute puppy with a lot of personality.  One of the ladies working at the office said he looks like a baby deer which is actually true.  They played with him, let him lick their faces and he must have eaten an entire bag of treats.  Um, can you say spoiled?

He got his shots in the middle of the puppy love fest.  They were able to sneak the first one in with no problem but he got wise to the second one and started squirming but didn't snap or make a noise.  The Kennel Cough vaccination was really funny to watch.  I've seen them give it to Sophie before and she just stands there with her nose up for them and it's over pretty quick for her.  Spudward fought them on that one and ended up with some of it in his mouth. 

He took one of the ladies that works in the vet office for a tour around the inside of the building while I was checking us out to go home.  She was holding the leash and letting him drag her around up and down the hallways and into the empty rooms.  I have a sneaking suspicion that the vet's office is going to be one of Spudward's favorite places to visit.  Next to the Flea Market of course.

After all the excitement and the shots, poor guy was tired and needed a good snooze.  So after Sweets went to bed (he's had to be at work before the butt crack of dawn lately so sometimes he's in bed before the sun goes down)  we spent the evening in the recliner watching the premieres of some of our favorite Monday night shows.  He didn't last long either.  I guess it must be rough being a puppy... sometimes.

Happy Tuesday...



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  1. Lanie,

    I feel for Spudward. My Saturday is going to be epic. I am taking both dogs by myself at the same time to the vet. 160 lbs of dogs to manhandle through three shots UGH! Sometimes I wonder how I get wrangeled into such situations.

    Chris :-)


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