Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Really Facebook? Good for YOU!

Does anyone remember the Myspace days?  I do.  I liked Myspace.  It brought out the crazy in people.  Myspace was fun and was user friendly until they started jacking with everything.  Now you have to have a masters degree in computer programming or have a 9 year old kid living under your roof to figure the whole thing out.  It took an entire day for me to come up with the Myspace page that I have for this blog and I never change anything with it except the status.

So I (along with millions of others) jumped over from Myspace to Facebook.  Ahhhh... Facebook.  How boring IS Facebook?  I mean besides the things a lot of my friends post, it's pretty freakin' boring.  I know more about some of the people on my friend's list lives on Facebook that I really care to know.  It's drama central and I hate to admit that I do get a kick out of it, but I do.  Why people air their dirty laundry on Facebook is beyond me.  I love seeing those posts though for no other reason than it makes me realize that no matter how bad I may think my life is, it really could be worse.  And I'm a pessimist.  I believe there is something positive in every situation no matter how bad it is but my reaction to some of the posts I see is "Damn.  I'm so glad that's NOT me."

If Sweets or I EVER aired the dirty details of our personal life in that little box that reads "What's on your mind?" it would be World War III in our house all the time and one of us would probably be in jail or dead.  No, we don't argue all the time but we do talk to each other a lot so it's a mathematical  certainty that some of the conversations do crash & burn.  But you won't see either one of us posting it on Facebook, Twitter or here.  Why?  Well, no offense but it's really nobody's freakin' business what we argue about.  We happen to be grown ups that respect each other's opinions no matter how wrong the other person may be.  It's simple logic really.  You should never intentionally try and embarrass or bad mouth someone out of anger.  Well, at least if you have any interest in maintaining relationships or keeping friends that are grown up, mature people.    

Maybe the new changes that Facebook is initiating very soon will be good for some people.  Having a timeline of your life right there for you (and the world) to see all at once will be a wake up call for some people.  Who knows for sure.  If it weren't for blogging and being used to going back to look and see how far forward we have come, I'm not sure I would like seeing years of posts all at my fingertips.  Let's see... on January 1, 2009 I was pissed because... on March 3, 2009 I bitched about... on November 22, 2010 I was mad at... I think you get what I'm getting at here.

I guess Facebook can be boring for the most part.  Well, unless your friends are as colorful and amusing as mine.  I honestly can't wait for the timeline to kick in to see what is posted once people have given in to their curiosity and read all of their previous posts from previous years up until now.  

Originally I thought that Facebook was feeding people's narcissistic tendencies with their addition of the timeline.  Then I realized, maybe they are trying to show some of us something.  To actually make your life worth sharing, sometimes you may have to get one.  With timeline, you'll really know exactly where you stand, no questions asked because it's there in blue, black and white.

Yikes!  That might be a bit scary for some of us.  For others, not so much.  :)

I'll be one of the first to say it... Thank you Facebook for this eye opening opportunity.  I for one can't wait to see my timeline all laid out.  How about you?

Happy Tuesday...



PS:  I actually like the non-drama filled posts a lot more than the others.  They don't make me laugh but they do make me smile.  Some of my Facebook friends really do lead interesting lives and share some exceptionally happy, wonderful moments.  :)  


  1. Bah Facebook to me is the equivalent of the loo, but I guess even that's good for something too..haha

  2. I should let you take a peek at the updates I read every day from people on my list. Some of them are quite funny.

    I've always found it strange how they can air their dirty laundry online without even thinking twice about it. Strange behavior but I admit I do get a kick out of it! :)

  3. Lanie,

    I don't need no stinking Facebook :-) lol

    Myspace echoes and has cobwebs hello ... ello...

    Iturned off blocking third party cookies and now I can post ... Yeah!

    Chris :-)


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