Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Insomnia and Jack Daniels

Play Me...

It's another night in a string of long evenings that lead to early mornings.  And once again... I couldn't sleep last night.

On the brighter side of things, I have seen more sunrises over the past six weeks than I have at any other point in my life.  One should never discount or complain about being witness to a sunrise because it means that there's another day.  Another chance and another opportunity.  Each new day is a blessing and brings us all one day closer to our dreams.  Our hopes.  And our loves.

And since he's so far away I think the only substitute that can give me a good night's sleep are my old friends that I rarely visit because of what they do to me.  Jose and Jack.  Jack and I met up briefly in Savannah and to be truthful about the whole thing, I kinda missed him once I saw him again.  And he was good.

I imagine that if Jack Daniels were a real person, he'd be one of the sexiest men on the planet.  Tall, dark and handsome to the extreme.   He's fond of black cowboy hats, aviator sunglasses and sporting a five o'clock shadow.  He doesn't give a damn what other people think but he doesn't have to because everyone really likes him.  Jack Daniels is the kind of man that you never want to take home to your parents... but you'd love to do unmentionable things with him and to him behind closed doors.  He's not the kind of man that brings you flowers and chocolates.  Noooo.  Jack Daniels is the kind of man that buys you dirty lingerie, rope and gives you instructions on what he wants you do with them.

He's the kind of guy that somehow always talks you into playing strip poker... and makes you want to lose on purpose.  Jack always goes down smooth and warms your stomach once you are relaxed enough to thoroughly enjoy him.  He's not a drink to be taken in quickly.  Jack is a drink best taken in small sips so he can be enjoyed the way he should be.  He's to be savored and completely explored until you know what he's made of and what makes him tick.          

I have always been more fond of Jack than Jose.  Jose is bitter and leaves a bad impression once he's gone.  He reeks out of the pores and makes for a very unpleasant day after.  And he's addicting.  I had a serious affair with Jose when I was in my very early 20's that could have quickly become a problem if I hadn't of kicked him to the curb when I did.  He's dirty.  He's evil.  But in a good way.  And when he's mixed with the right things at the right time, he becomes tolerable and soothing.  To me, Jose Cuervo is deceiving.  He smells good and he looks good but you pay dearly in the end for flirting with him.  Sometimes I think he's worth it and sometimes I think he's the devil.

Jose is Jack's opposite.  He is quick and controlling.  He talks you into doing things that you would never consider in a million and one years.  Jose calls out your name and demands that you use him.  He's sloppy and  has an unmistakable stench that stings the sinuses if you inhale him to deep.  He's harsh and unforgiving.  Dirty and foul.  But so damn irresistible in the end.  Jose literally scares me.

Both of these men have drifted in and out of my life for over 20 years and have taken me places and given me experiences that my prudish, straight laced soul would have never encountered without them.  These next visits will be simple and quiet.  No foot massages from strangers or questionable behavior.  No parties or dancing.  Just the right amount to induce the beloved trip to dreamland.

Wish me luck because if you think this post is odd... wait until I haven't had any sleep at all for a week.