Monday, July 30, 2012

A Wittle Monday Ranting...

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Why not?  There's been a few things lately that have really started working my nerves over so maybe it's time for another "Hey Lanie!  What's on your mind today?"

Lucky you!

Rant #1

 Last week I made my usual run to the Speedway gas station down the street from my house because I allowed myself to run completely out of Diet Mt. Dew.  I had been out since the night before and as we all know, when Lanie doesn't get her Diet Dew, nothing that is breathing with a pulse is safe around her.

This particular Speedway gas station has a certain clientelle that obviously can't read or has absolutely no recollection of what a handicap parking space is for starters.  (People who park in those spots that obviously shouldn't is a BIG peeve of mine.)  It's redneck city which shows what my neighborhood is going to in a hand basket.  But, I like the people that work there because they are polite and know exactly what I get each and every time I walk in the door so I'm usually in and out pretty quickly.

Anyway... They were busy, it happens sometimes, and there was one parking place available on the other side of the building where I usually don't park.  Sitting on the marker at the end of the parking place were two people that had obviously peed all over that area and marked it as their own.  I KNEW what was going to happen so my thought was I would line my van up to where the other cars could get out and park there without actually pulling into the parking spot.

Junior (which is probably what his real name is) gets all pissy and yells out "Are you actually going to park here?" while the girl throws her hands up in the air.  I took pause for a moment.  I have to do that sometimes to keep from blurting out what is actually on the tip of my tongue in situations like this where someone is intentionally being an idiot, inconsiderate and just plain stupid.  I could have said yes and told them that they needed to stop loitering in the parking lot or move over to the sidewalk where most people that have half a brain and all of their teeth wait for whatever it is they were waiting for.  But I didn't.

I continued with my plan.  I pulled the van up and lined it up as planned where the other cars could get out if they needed to and these people could continue sitting in the dumbest spot ever.  Junior and the woman just sat there and he's saying something to her while pointing at me.  I finally got tired of the idiot show and stuck my head out the window and in a loud and boisterous voice simply said... "No, I'm not going to park there because I'm not an asshole.  And since I'm not an asshole, I'm not going to block these other people in for you either."

You could have heard a pin drop when I turned the van off and got out.  They probably thought I was crazy but it's good when people think you are crazy or off balance because they leave you alone.  They have no idea what you will or will not do if you are confronted and I personally like that in some situations.

They waved to me when I left.  I just rolled my eyes.  Idiots.

Rant #2  

My iPhone.  If we are buddies on Facebook, you knew this was coming.  Here's what I posted:

When I went to bed last night, my phone was perfectly fine.  It was texting correctly.  I sent Sweets two text messages this morning and received no reply.  I figured he was busy.  At 11:30 when I texted him again to ask him if he was OK, he told me that I was signed into Yahoo Messenger and all of my texts were coming through there.  WTF?

I don't even use Yahoo Messenger.  I HATE chat and think it's a complete waste of time.  I don't even use the chat feature on Facebook and rarely used it on Myspace.  I'd rather poke myself in the eye than deal with chatting.  So why the hell did my phone all of a sudden decide to log me into Yahoo Messenger and send my text messages like that?  I don't get it and it's been a frustrating day of trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with my phone.

iPhones SUCK.

By the way, I'm really going to do that smashing of the phone thing and am going to tape it and post it on YouTube.

Rant #3

Bitches bought all of the freakin' newspapers yesterday!  I still do pick up a Sunday paper or two for the ads and the coupons.  For the last few months there have been stacks of Sunday papers in the afternoons at Kroger and Speedway.  I guess that $1.00 off any Bic Stationery item coupon that will make pens and white out free enticed people to buy a crap load of papers this past Sunday.

Spending $1.75 to get a free $1.00 item makes a lot of sense to me too.  Idiots.

That's all I have for right now.  I feel SO much better now that I have all of that off my chest.  It's so nice to be able to vent about life's pitfalls sometimes.  I'm being sarcastic of course because life really isn't that bad and in a couple of weeks it will be even better.

Happy Monday!



PS: Can someone PLEASE remind me that Tuesday is trash day?  I have forgotten to put out the trash for the last two weeks.  Oops!  Thanks!

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