Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Busy, Busy...

So... if you haven't noticed, the posts have been a bit slow lately.  There's a lot going on over here that will make posting impossible at times.  Here's what's on the plate:

  • I was accepted into the Apprenticeship Program for one of the sites I write on and that's going to be taking up quite a bit of time.  It's a six month program and from what I understand it is an excellent program for online writers.  I'm really excited about it!
  • Looking for a full time job.  I know... who would have thought?  There is something really big and life changing that Sweets and I want to do.  It's kind of a two year (I'm hoping more like 18 months) plan and will require more cash than what I'm making at the moment.  It's perfect for retirement and I only discovered it because of a few things that happened here at the house.  I know, vague as hell but as everything develops you'll see what I mean.  
  • In the mean time and in my spare time, I'll be writing for the websites.  A LOT more than what I have been.  That plan will take a lot of cash so almost every waking moment will be spent making money.  Been there, done that.  It's not my favorite way in the world to live but the prize is worth it.
Oh, and in the middle of it all, I got a surprise when I went to the coop this morning:

Two of the chickens have started laying.  This reminded me that I have to finish the meatie pen here in the next few weeks because it's almost that time again.  Breakfast tomorrow will be an omelet with fresh basil and cherry tomatoes from the garden along with a slice or two of home made bread!

Life is hectic... but good!  :)

Happy Tuesday!



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