Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Wish Wall...

"The ladder of success is best climbed by stepping on the rung of opportunity." ~Ayn Rand

Something recently came to my attention and after a couple of in-depth conversations with Sweets, we have come to a decision and it's a big one.  There are so many steps that have to be completed to this new goal and the best way that I know of to stay on track is by using what I call a Wish Wall.  Some people may view using this type of thing as juvenile but since this goal is so large, I thought it would be perfect for keeping track of what is already done and what still needs to be done in order to reach the ultimate goal.  It will help us track our progress and know exactly where we are and what we need to do next.

I've personally never missed a goal yet and this one sure as hell isn't going to be the first.  Poor Sweets.  This will be his first real experience with how Nazi I can be when there's a bigger prize on the horizon.  I hope he makes it through this.  :)  (That's sarcasm in case you don't recognize it.)

To put our goal into a nutshell, I have discovered that with proper planning, Sweets and I will be able to purchase acreage with outbuildings including a barn.  With his retirement coming up and my love of growing things along with our combined sense of business, something extremely excellent has been born here.  We'll reach this goal on our own timeline which right now is 18 months... but I'm honestly hoping for and shooting for sooner because believe me, the sooner this is done the better.  All of the steps are laid out, we know exactly what we have to do and this week the first piece of the plan fell right into place.  I am going back to work full time and I found the perfect job.

I'm not going to talk about the job though because honestly, it's the boring part and since it's not in a bar or a restaurant, I won't be soliciting for people to visit.  I will say that the pay is good, the hours are fantastic and I didn't have to renew my liquor license to do it.  The best part?  I'll still have time to write and do the markets and the joy those things used to bring to my life is starting to return.  Somewhere along the way over the past year the fun in those things was lost but I can feel it quickly coming back and I like it!

We still have the business of selling our house when Sweets returns from Georgia and the "punch list" that I have made is all written out with the things that will need to be done before the sign goes into the yard.  I'd be lying if I said I wasn't going to miss this house.  I will.  It's a neat house with a lot of character but sometimes things get brought to your attention and you have to weigh your options to see exactly where you want to be.  Unfortunately for us (me), that just isn't here.  Especially now that we know.  It's funny how that works sometimes.  Looks can be so deceiving and the "I told you so" about what I was aware of wasn't really as hard to swallow as I thought it would be.  It's the things that I didn't know that blew me away.  I really wish I could tell but unfortunately I will keep that to myself.  The one thing I have learned about people is that a lot of times if you aren't part of the conversation, you are the conversation.  

It's funny how those things happen but I'm a firm believer that when you aren't where you are supposed to be that fate will step in and cause a chain of events that make you take another look at where you are meant to be.  That's exactly what happened here.  Options and opportunity are my two favorite "O" words and I'm very careful to live my life in such a way that those two things never disappear. 

Yes, I still have the tree rats in my cross hairs but now that breeding season is over, they aren't quite as annoying and destructive but they will be once the cycle starts again.  It's almost time to order the next batch of meaties in August so they will be ready by November.  It will be business as usual around here while at the same time, getting things ready to sell the house and move on to where we want to be.

I'm so damned excited about all of this that I could just scream.  :)  I'll of course keep you posted as we go here.  This is going to be a completely awesome ride!

Happy Wednesday!



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