Tuesday, August 21, 2012

It's a Rough Life...

I'm beginning to think that being a dog has got to be utterly exhausting.  Spuddy is technically still a puppy and is generally full of energy but I think he decided to take the day off today too.

Here he is at 11am.  Laying in a kitchen chair with his chin on the window ledge watching the work being done on our neighbor's house...

I'm guessing that when the workers left at 2pm, the scenery got a little boring so he decided to switch chairs.

I know.  Not much of a difference... until a neighbor across the street comes out of their house to go to work...

All of this excitement must have just tuckered him out because a few minutes later...

He had a good nap.

It must be a rough life being a dog.

Happy lazy Tuesday my friends!



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