Wednesday, August 1, 2012

You Ain't No Daisy...

"All I want are ten paces out on the street."
~Doc Holliday to Johnny Ringo, Tombstone, January 1882

Sometimes I wish that it was still 1881 because when someone pisses you off, you could duke it out in an old fashioned duel.  All gentleman like n' stuff.

Someone I knew a long time ago asked me once, if I could be anyone in history, who would I be?  My answer at the time was Doc Holliday.  Doc was an interesting individual that made his way through life even after he contracted a terminal, very uncomfortable disease.  I'm sure he was nothing like what we see in the movies.  After all, most historical figures are sensationalized for the silver screen to be made more interesting and keep our attention as an audience.

I do have to admire him though.  His lust for living and wanting to live life to the fullest because he knew that nothing ever lasts forever is an admirable trait in people.  He even knew his relationship with Kate was temporary although she stuck with him until he died in Colorado at the age of 36.

An interesting observation for another bright, hot Wednesday Indiana afternoon.

And of course in my shameless attempt to continue to feed the bottomless pit that we all know as Spudward, if you feel the urge to watch Tombstone and don't want to run to the video store, you can stream it on your computer via Amazon Instant Video for 48 hours for $1.99.  You really can't beat that deal with a stick!  Just promise me that you'll replace Val Kilmer with my likeness throughout the movie.  I would really love to be Doc Holliday for just one day.  :)


Say want you want but be nice or be gone. :)