Sunday, September 23, 2012

Starting an Indoor Winter Container Garden...

Geez!  I didn't realize it had been almost two weeks since I posted.  : /  Sorry about that.

It's Sunday.  One of my three days off to "relax" and get things done around here.  Since there's a frost advisory for Indiana tonight, I decided that I'll try my hand at creating an indoor container garden.  Some of it is an experiment because you know how much I love a good experiment!  Especially when they turn out the way I planned.

Some of this is old.  Been there, done that so I know it will work as long as I remember to water and prune on a regular basis.  Growing vegetables indoors is a little different than outside but really not much and this set up is in the kitchen which next to the bathroom, is the room that I frequent the most.

I only forsee one possible problem.  Spudward hiking his leg on the large pots that are sitting on the floor.  It will only happen once, if it does happen at all.

Here is a list of what I am growing here...

Early Jersey Wakefiled Cabbage- large floor pot
Potatoes- large floor pot
Tomatoes- large floor pot
Basil- striped pot
Chives- striped pot
Sage- striped pot
Small Purple Turnips- 3 striped pots (experiment because I really think the pots may be too small for turnips)
Fingerling Carrots- large black pot
Ball Carrots- large black pot
Lettuce- large shallow terracotta pot on top shelf
Cilantro- small green pot
Garlic- large black pot
Cucumbers- 2 terracotta pots
Brussel Sprouts- terracotta pot (again, I'm thinking the pot is too small but we will see what happens with regular pruning)

The beauty of it is that if the experimental pots don't work out, they can be replanted with something that will.  When you grow a garden in containers, you can plant it anytime you want no matter what the weather is outdoors!

It's easy really.  Each container takes just a few minutes to fill with dirt and plant the seeds.  Pruning will take just a few minutes per plant when needed and harvesting can be done as needed... and enjoyed all winter long.  All without even stepping foot outside in the cold.  I love that.

Here's how to start the tomatoes for the indoor winter container garden:

Of course I'll update on the garden's progress.  Everything is planted so now it's just the waiting.  Let's see... it's September right now so I should be able to start harvesting my fresh veggies in late November and early December.  I love that.

Sweets was trying to take a nap today but couldn't fall asleep.  Here's THAT conversation:

And that is exactly why I have nicknamed him Sweets.  :)  He cracks me up sometimes.

Happy Sunday!



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