Sunday, December 2, 2012

Merry Christmas...

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It's 23 days until Christmas.  Is it just me or does this year just feel different?  It doesn't feel like the holiday is that close this year.

That said, I'm not going to go off on one of my usual long, drawn out Christmas rants... at least not yet.  :)  I may change my mind later in the month and cut loose to let the Scrooge flag fly but not right now.  Right this moment we will have to settle for the short and sweet rant.

Christmas has never really been at the top of my favorite holiday lists.  I think it's because the holiday has evolved from what it once was to what we see today.  Commercialism and consumerism have taken the place of the peaceful, handmade, love filled holiday that it used to be.

Then again, if people went back to the way it used to be, I'm sure the US economy would suffer in an extremely bad way.  We have all created a trick bag for ourselves.  In the words of someone close to me, I think the best way to describe it is that a lot of people are buying things that they don't need with money that they really don't have.

People stress out because there is "so much to do."  They stress out over being able to afford presents for others.  They stress over finishing the shopping.  Stress over wrapping.  Stress over having the perfect holiday.  Christmas = stress for SO many people.  Funny thing is, it doesn't have to be that way. 

What if we slowed it down a bit?  What if we brought back some of the old traditions?  What if we kicked the stressors to the curb and were able to actually enjoy the holiday?

When I was a child, stores were closed on Thanksgiving and didn't re-open until their normal time the next day.  In today's world, you can eat your turkey dinner and after relaxing for a few hours, take a trip to Walmart or Target to do a bit of shopping.  Stores were offering some great discounts but unfortunately there are always only 20 of those stupid cheap televisions to go around to the 200 people that showed up for it.  The arguments begin and next thing you know, the cops are showing up because someone cuts in line and the original 20th person gets upset and the melee ensues.

Peace on Earth indeed.

I used the Black Friday online deals this year to purchase things that needed to be replaced around my house along with a few Christmas gifts.  Shopping stress free from the comfort of ones own couch in comfy pajamas is something I highly recommend.  It was very peaceful and stress free during my shopping spree.  At least in Lanie's world.  Sweets was laughing at me and my excitement over some of the things that I purchased.  I have discovered that shopping online for Black Friday is a good thing.  The same (and sometimes even better) deals can be snagged without having to fight the crowd at 2am.

To help you relieve some of the stress that you may be experiencing this Christmas season, I have a gift for you.  One of my all time favorite Christmas shows ever.  I remember being glued to the screen with my little brother every December to enjoy this story.  I hope you like it and take a moment to slow down, sit back, relax... and enjoy.  Your endocrine glads will thank you for it.

Merry Christmas my friends...



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