Monday, March 4, 2013

New DIY Kitchen Light with Mason Canning Jars... Thank You John!

My brother sent me a text a while back asking me if I liked nickel, copper or bronze as a metal in the kitchen.  I told him that the hardware on my cabinets was nickel so if it were me, I'd go with nickel.  A few days later, he sent me a photo of one of the neatest and most creative things... a light bulb inside a Kerr canning jar that was actually working.  How cool was that?

Oh, it gets better!

There were a lot of intentional mathematical calculations put into this light to make it pleasing to the eye.  John told me (and I totally agree) that using odd numbers when creating lighting is a must do and prime numbers, like 5, are even better.  The eye and the brain like odd numbers better and it just flows with the rest of the room.  This light has 5 bulbs.

He designed this light completely from scratch.  The idea of canning jars came from, well you know, my love of home canning.  He routed the wood, matched the stain to the existing cabinets and trim, built the light fixtures and wired it all together.  I'm always amazed at what he is able to do with electricity.  Our father loved electricity too so it's no surprise that John is as creative as he is with it.

We were both excited to see it installed when it was completed and today was light installation day. He removed the original kitchen light (it is original to the house) and I will be packing it away for storage because the new light will be with me until I'm no longer walking on Earth. :)

Here are a few photos of the installation process.  I'm not really sure exactly how to install a light, I'd have to Google it.  :)

I absolutely LOVE this light!  The finial on the medallion in the center is an acorn.  John told me that he chose that one because of my *ahem* love of squirrels.

In addition to the light, he installed a dimmer switch for it which was another fantastic idea.  There are 5, 20 watt light bulbs which do throw off a LOT of light when turned on at full power.  It can be adjusted to be used as a night light in the kitchen or full force when I'm doing something that requires a lot of light.  Here is the light with full power in the daylight:

Notice the kelidiscope effect on the ceiling.  It looks neat in the picture but in person?  It's AMAZING!

Here it is at a lower setting.  I can't wait until this evening so I can see all of the adjustments in the dark.  Did I mention that I LOVE this light?

The cords will straighten out more the longer the light is hanging.  I am absolutely tickled to death right now.  He even made sure that the jar labels were on the outside when he installed them.  I always thought my attention to detail was good, but I would not have thought to do that.

Thank you again John.  This light is so amazing and I absolutely LOVE it to death!



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