Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Backyard Breakfast...

If you are thinking about or have recently acquired chickens, I have to tell you that once you have cooked and tasted an egg that is less than 12 hours old, you will never be able to eat a store bought egg again.  Fresh chicken eggs are just different.  They are orange instead of yellow and the white literally stands up.  The taste is so much better than the factory eggs on store shelves.

I have given away eggs in the past when I've had more than what we could use, but was really surprised at the number of people that are actually leery of eggs that aren't purchased on a grocery store shelf.  I guess the industry programming has done what it set out to do.

While I was making breakfast this morning, my mind ran away from me for a second.  Everything that I was putting on the plate had crossed my hands before in some way, shape or form from the beginning to the end.  The toast is from bread that I made two days ago.  I made the peach preserves from the fresh Georgia peaches that Sweets brought home back in June.  The eggs were from my chickens and were collected about 30 minutes before they were cooked.  This is common in my house.  So common that I hadn't noticed it.

Who knows for sure exactly how healthy it really is in the long run because I sure don't.  All I do know is that there's no gobbly goo or other unwanted crap in it and it tastes like heaven.  And it makes me happy.

In the long run, that's what counts.  Happiness.  :)

Happy Wednesday my friends,




  1. Ok what makes me hesitant about fresh eggs is how is the outside cleaned. when you get them from the store you can pretend they have been shred and sterilized.

  2. Washed and sterilized rather


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