Sunday, February 2, 2014

How to Make Someone Smile... Or Make Them Think You're Crazy

Play me... and for God's sake, turn up the volume.  :)

I'm on a mission.

This mission will never be completed.  I should actually rephrase that... Hopefully this mission will never be completed.  I call it "Operation Make Someone Smile, or Make Them Think You're Crazy."

There's nothing wrong with this mission and it only takes a few tools to accomplish the objective.  Smiles, laughs and the occasional sideways WTF look.

Tool #1...

A big ol' truck.

Tool #2...

A nice selection of music that you just don't hear very often anymore but is cheery and lifting.  Here are some selections that are on my iPhone that I use for this mission.  I just plug my phone in via the axillary on the stereo and listen to the simple goodness pouring forth from the speakers all around me.

Tom T. Hall, I Love
Coolio, Gangsta's Paradise

David Frizzell, You're the Reason God Made Oklahoma
Aqua, Barbie Girl
Tool #3... An authentic, well worn, cowboy hat.

I know what you are probably thinking.  What the hell is this crap Lanie?

It's a simple equation of volume and song selection.  The occasional dancing in the driver's seat at a red light (which is necessary for this to work) will help intensify what we are looking for here.

What you end up with is a middle aged woman in a truck, wearing a cowboy hat, enjoying an obscure song that the majority of people under 30 have never heard.  People either laugh or they think I'm crazy.  I like to think that just maybe it's a little bit of both.

This originated from all of that annoying, what I call boom boom music, that is occasionally blared at a stop light.  I know I'm showing my age here but the feedback in the speakers that a lot of people think sounds utterly awesome sounds like shit to me.  I've been next to cars that were blaring that overly bassed out music to such an extreme that the bass was actually causing my ribs to vibrate.  NOT COOL you asshole.  You are messing with my heart and not in a way that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

I especially like this tactic when I'm graced with the presence of one of those annoying boom boom cars at a stoplight.  Instead of doing what I used to do, roll up the window, I simply pump up the volume with a little bit o' Melanie, any of the songs pictured above or even the occasional Patsy Cline.

The looks and the laughter are worth every second of it.

I think the cowboy hat makes it even better.  I could be wrong but I doubt it.  :)

*In my best old lady voice and clinched fist*  Suck it... punk.  Your stereo sounds like shit and your music selection sucks.

This is NOT me... yet.

Happiness is infectious but sometimes people need to see what happiness looks like.  Enjoying a good song that brings back a good memory or two and not being afraid to let the world know can certainly spread that happiness.  Unless it makes the people around you think you are crazy.  At least it's a good kind of crazy.

So don't be afraid to download your favorite song from when you were an ankle biter and let the world see you smile because the world WILL smile with you.

Happy Sunday my friends!



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