Sunday, January 16, 2011

Where's My Snow Shovel?!?

I ask because it sure as heck isn't sitting on the front porch anymore.  At least not the one we paid for.

I'm home.  I'm working away on the computer like I usually do and I hear the doorbell ring.  Since I'm not expecting any company... I ignore it and continue working.  If it were someone I know they would have called since I didn't answer the door and my phone remained silent.

The next morning at freakin' 6:15 AM, Sweets wakes me up and asks me if I have seen our snow shovel.  Huh?

Confirmation from our neighbor a few hours later gave me the information that I needed to solve the mystery.

Here's what happened:

It snowed the night before.  The last time it had snowed right before Christmas, we paid a guy to plow our driveway along with a lot of our neighbors.  I'm betting Junior made enough off of our street alone to buy his Christmas hooch... oh wait... I mean goose... and then some.  So when it snowed again, they returned to their cash cow to try and make the bank again.

I didn't answer the door when they rang the bell.  Sitting on our porch, unprotected, was the ergonomically designed, easier and wonderful to use, snow shovel that Sweets had purchased at some point.  I'm not even sure when because I don't do snow unless I absolutely have to.  It was a really NICE freakin' shovel!

Junior thinks no one is home, sees the snow shovel and decided to help himself to it.  Being the upstanding citizen that I know he is, he replaces our beautiful snow shovel with a $3.00 piece of shit snow shovel from someplace like Big Lots or Dollar General.  The replacement shovel wasn't even Walmart quality.  BASTARDS!

My neighbor told me that they were at her house doing her driveway and front porch at about the same time that they were ringing the doorbell here so the timeline fits.  I told her what had happened and what my suspicions were.  So next time they are out, even if they don't ring our doorbell, I'll know they are around.

So... moral of the story is this:  By stealing the shovel off of the front porch, what did they gain?  Probably nothing and it will cost them in the long run.  They will never do our driveway again which = income loss.  I will make it a POINT to tell all of my neighbors what happened which = probable money loss.  So by stealing that shovel, they have cost themselves money in the long run and should really find a different neighborhood to plow in.  And then there is the KARMA thing.  They will have to deal with that as well and I wish them luck.

Sweets has been telling me to let it go and I will.  Right now.  As soon as I'm finished with this.  :)

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