Monday, February 21, 2011

Business, Smusiness, Blah!

I FINALLY got a decent night's sleep last night which means that today I will be able to dive into work barracuda style and get a lot done.  I took a break from writing yesterday and decided to build another website to sell on Ebay since I sold a couple of weeks ago.  My domain name arsenal is growing and that's really not the object of the exercise.  But one of the tricks that I have stuck to is for each one that sells, you buy more domain names so there is never a possibility of running out.  I know, *yawn* right?

Something that I NEVER thought I would do is run an advertising campaign for the blog.  But someone made me an offer I couldn't refuse so I jumped on it!  That banner that you see to the left here?  It's in queue to be shown in Myspace advertising.  We will see just how well it goes.  I never, EVER considered doing any advertising like that but GoDaddy (which I originally hated but am now completely in love with) was kind enough to kick in the cash for the campaign.  Huh.  How nice was that little gesture?  We will of course see how it goes.

So... moving on.

OK bitches!  New freakin' question of the week and according to the reports that I have been getting that tell me where my traffic is coming from, over 99% of the people that visit my little corner of the web here aren't answering.  So read the question and pick a circle if for no other reason than to humor me.  It's like giving me a virtual hug and showing me a little love.  (Aww, that rhymes!)  I only ask things that I really want to know and there is a new one posted every Monday for everyone's amusement, not just my own.  Well at least it sounds good when I say it that way... right?

Sooo... I'm leaving you for the moment and will see you again tomorrow!  But will leave you with this, a video that has over 20 million views on YouTube.  I don't know about you but I always shove kittens into random objects and video tape it.  Personally my favorite part is when the kitten is on the grill.  But that's just me.

Happy Happy HAPPY Monday!  :)





  1. Wow you got to take godaddy's cash, take it and make a quick dash.
    May as well give it a try, never know what it could buy.
    Oh yeah an ad, while that isn't bad.
    You should have put Don't like me, Get Bent, somewhere just to make people vent.
    Now you're rhyming too, guess I rubbed off on you.
    You calling me a bitch? While aren't you a little witch.
    But I don't want you to frown, so I picked the third one down.
    Although I don't hug, so just sweep that idea under the rug.
    Yeah shoving a cat in weird places, just so people can make faces.
    Is really dumb, maybe they'll choke on their gum.
    You're a mean old gal, I don't want to be your pal.
    Liking when the poor kitty was on the grill, that's such a bad thing to get a thrill.
    It's not a happy monday because I'm back at work, I'd rather be home and lurk.
    There we go how was that? Do you want to fry this cat?
    Oh and on my new post I gave you a shout, even if you are being a mean, swearing old goat..hahaha

  2. *snicker*

    Hey Cat!

    Yes, I saw it, thank you, thank you, thank you! You are so sweet.

  3. Lanie, New background to go with the rain today in Indy? I'm liking it!

    I saw your banner on Myspace last night. You have a great site and I'll be back.


  4. Lanie,

    Like the banner, always have
    I said I like boxers , briefs are bad
    take the cash, dash real fast

    Chris :-)


Say want you want but be nice or be gone. :)