Sunday, February 20, 2011

So... I Bought a New Dress for No Reason...

I bought a new dress this past weekend.  It's a lovely dress that I have absolutely no idea where I will wear it to.  I told Sweets about it and since he is out of town, he asked me to take a couple of pictures of it to send to him.  So of course I did.  This dress is so pretty that I just could not pass it up!  When Sweets looked at the pictures of course he asked me where I was going to wear it to.  My answer?  WHO CARES!  I'll wear it to McDonalds if I have to.  :)

Now, this is exactly why I call him Sweets, his response was; "No.  I'll have to put on the black suit and we are going out."

So, I have to ask just how sweet is he?  The freakin' best!  I bought a dress that I really don't need because I thought it was amazingly beautiful and instead of him reminding me of any reason why I shouldn't have bought it, he's thought of a solution to the conundrum of where I should wear it.  I swear the guy gets a gold star for the day. 

The rest of the stuff in the pics?  If you look, you will see Sophie's butt, a fan, a bouquet of flowers and a rolled up rug with a pen laying next to it.  I'm doing some reorganizing in the house and had just set the stuff in the dining room "for right now."  My next short term goal is to have everything put away by the time he gets home.

Oh, and to have the hallway painted.  *giggle*

I bought two other dresses along with this one and they are cute too but just not photo worthy.  My plan is to wear more dresses this summer cause I've been feeling a bit more girly again lately.  :)

Happy Saturday!  I hope everyone is having a great weekend!


  1. Lanie,
    The dress is fabulous and you look like a diva!
    AND your man is a great guy, you lucky girl :)

  2. Lanie,

    I thought you were always girly ... LOL
    The dress is REALLY pretty. You and Sweets need to go someplace nice (not McDonalds) :-)

    BTW - I have "reads" counting on my website for attractions and blogs. Over 20 people have read the blog I tweeted. I am loving the share button I added. Did you ever look into it?

    Happy Sunday,
    Chris :-)


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