Friday, March 11, 2011

You'll be Shocked to Hear...

I added a few new beauties to the domain name portfolio today.  It's kinda like buying a foreclosed home.  These domains all have histories and PR rankings which is a beautiful thing.  To categorize them and give you an idea how well I did here, let us use my other addition that more people are familiar with... shoes.  *sigh*  I love shoes.

I bought:

  • 2 pair of Guess.  They are both vintage and extremely versatile so they can be worn with many different outfits.  They were probably the store models because they have been picked up just to be looked at by quite a few different people.  Translation= 2 domains that are both 8 years old, will be a great fit with different niches and are both PR1.  :)
  • 3 pair of Manolo Blahnik.  They are from last season.  One really blows my skirt up because it is unusual and common at the same time.  The other two are a little more limited on what they go with but are still valuable because they are Manolo's.  Translation= 1 domain that is 6 years old, 2 that are 2 years old.  All three domains are PR2.
  • 1 pair of Louis Vuitton knee length black 3" heel boots.  These are the boots that every shoe addict is dying to get their hands on.  Well, I could be wrong but they are definitely my dream boot.  They are older but I think they were originally purchased as some sort of bribe or corporate folly.  But they will look perfect with my favorite outfit that obviously no one made the connection with before.  Translation=  It's an 8 year old domain name that screams Twitter which makes it a bit more valuable.  It is currently a PR1 but I don't think it will take much to increase it.
  • And last but not least, the 1 pair of Christian Louboutin 3 inch black stilleto heels.  OMFG.  These are a shoe addict's best friend.  They can go with absolutely anything and when someone wants them bad enough, you can pretty much name your price.  Translation= 15 year old very flexible niche domain name with a PR7 ranking.  I was seriously just in the right place at the right time for that one because someone got seriously screwed for not paying their .com  domain renewal.    
I won't have control over them for another week which I'm not real fond of that but it's just the way it works.  In the meantime, I'll be racing the clock to get everything else done.  T-minus 3 days until Sweets gets home and I've still got a lot of work to do.

OH!  And I joined (thanks Pat for telling me about it!).  Listed a few things yesterday and made my first sale today!  How cool is that?  What a great concept... why didn't I think of that?  My eureka moment will come soon, I'm sure of it.

Happy Friday my friends!


PS: Don't forget to answer the question of the week!  I'm going to need something to talk about on Tuesday when I do the next video blog.  :)


  1. Lanie,

    Wow. Remind me to never let my domain name lapse. You will snatch it up sooner than a water bottle in the desert.

    Chirs :-)

  2. Yes you definetely have a problem seek

    Yeah everyone has one Eureka(good show moment and mine is starting to take off, you'll get yours.

    Fiverr is a pretty good idea, seems to be lots to interesting things on there.

    Oh and you can't call me a bitch because I is no.


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