Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Yeah... Happy Spring... I Think...

This time of year has the ability to knock me on my butt for about a week.  It's so nice to see the trees budding and the new growth in the yard but along with the wake up of Spring comes the invisible enemy that takes me down every time.  Pollen rises like those annoying miniature people and floats in the air to take me down like in Gulliver's Travels.  Those little pollen bastards are evil and my body hates them.  I wonder if they have read that book because they sure have their take down plan down to a science.

I found something so unbelievably wonderful that I had to share it with you no matter how many times I sneeze or hack while posting this!  :)  It's so wonderfully yummy.  I made it this past weekend and added some garlic, onion and pepper to make a sinfully delicious chip dip (I am insatiably hungry when I'm sick for some reason) and devoured it all yesterday afternoon while on the couch watching on demand programming and sleeping.

Poor Sweets had to make his own grilled cheese for dinner last night.  I'm a horrible wife.  But at least I have a good reason to be... for now.  Allergies suck.

Hope YOU are having a great Wednesday!  I'm going back to the couch and back to sleep for now.



  1. Lets just say it doesn't do it for the cat
    As a picky eater is Pat
    So not yummy
    For this tummy
    Yes such a bad wife
    Causing poor sweets strife
    Making him make his own dinner
    You're such a sinner..LOL
    Awww no video blog watching you sneeze and hack
    That is probably a good thing or someone might thing your were on some kind of attack

  2. Lanie,

    I hope you feel better :-) Sweets can burn his own grilled cheese ... lol

    I can't believe you would ever be a horrible wife ;-)

    Chris :-)


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