Saturday, May 21, 2011

So... Is This The End??

Wack jobs crack me up.  Sad thing is that some of them actually believe in what they are spewing out to everyone.  Fear makes people listen because... well... they need to know what to do because they are scared.  

So, does the end of the world start today at 6pm?  Doubtful.  Probably not.  Crack pots have been making predictions like this for hundreds of years.  Thousands of preachers have led their followers into caves and out into the wilderness to escape the end of the world only to die from starvation or exposure.  And stupidity.  Who forgot to pack the FOOD?

There's a buzz mucking about online and on the news stations.  I wasn't privy to the information until reading a friend's Facebook post a couple of days ago.  But then again, I'm out of the loop on most things because honestly most things like this just make me shake my head and chuckle.  Apocalypse.  Now?  Really?  What a great thing to predict.  It's perfect marketing for selling books, DVD's and other "end of the world" items.  Pay attention to those websites kids!  They are well written advertisements to get into your wallets.

Religion is not without their scandals and bottom feeders preying on the vulnerable who need hope and the promise of something better to get them through life.  

It is big business in the United States as well as other countries around the world.  In the US, an Ordained Minister gets quite a nice tax break and a lot of their income is actually tax free.  I didn't know this until I worked for a religious organization and one of the ministers was frantically looking for a paper that he needed so he didn't have to pay the taxes that were due on his income when he filed.  Nice.  I made $20,000 that year and he made about $70,000 and I had to pay three times more income tax than he did.  See where I'm going with that?  It's an incentive to get into it for all the WRONG reasons.

I hate talking about religion because it really is such a taboo subject that people tend to become complete lunatics about.  They are right.  They know they are right because the Bible or other religious book says so.  It's confusing to a point and unfortunately a difficult conversation to have with anyone because: 

A: I ask too many questions that they don't really know the answer to so they get pissy with me about it and tell me that it's just the way it's supposed to be and what God wants us to do.
B: I question which religion is the one that God actually approves of because there are so many out there.
C: I believe that churches could and should do more for their communities.  Granted I know some are doing a lot but there are others that could do a lot more.
D: I think that money is a HUGE motivator in many aspects of religion.  It's common knowledge that money feeds greed and greed is a bad trait.  A sin if I remember childhood religious teachings correctly?

I could go on for quite a while here but I'm getting tired and would really like to get a nap in before the 6pm deadline so I'm well rested when the fireworks start.  Oh, and get to Walmart and Kroger today for my freebie shopping.  Gotta make sure I've spent those coupons before the end comes.

So, is it 6pm Eastern Time?  Pacific Time?  London Time?  Or will it resonate around the world to each particular time zone at exactly 6pm?  I'm a bit confused with the time and want to make sure I get it right.  According to my World Clocks that I keep track of, it's already after 2am tomorrow in Sydney Australia.  Are you still there Sydney?

Side Note: I'm feeling much better.  I've been sick over the past few weeks and away from the computer for the most part.  Doc fixed me up with some GREAT drugs that have actually worked.  So once again you'll be seeing more of me on the blog.  Yay!  :)

Happy Apocalypse my friends!  I'll be at the "After Apocalypse Looting Party."  Funny thing is, I suspect I'll see a few preachers and religious leaders there too.  :)     


  1. Lanie,

    Wondered what happened to you :-) Glad you are feeling better. This whole 6pm thing cracks me up. In all the world's religions, there is nothing about today @ 6pm. Have fun getting all the freebies you won't be using :-)

    Chris :-)

  2. Hi Chris,

    Yeah, I hadn't heard anything about it until recently then used Google to read some of the *ahem* information on the sites about it. Then I noticed all of the sales pitches. Yep. It's a ploy to sell shit and get into the wallets. I'm not sure if they expected it to go viral but am sure they are extremely happy it did.

    Oh I LOVE those shopping trips! :) They are so much fun! I do use some of it but also save a lot of it for donations. Some of it also ends up on Ebay. We are supposed to be in a bad economy and I have to sell some of it to recoup the gas that it takes for find that one empty parking spot out of a thousand in Walmart's parking lot. LOL!

    It's good stuff! :)

  3. Lanie,

    It is 6:14 EST. I am still here :-) Is that good or bad? lol

    Just wanted to give you an update.

    Chris :-)

  4. Yep past 6pm here and I'm still here too. Such an idiotic thing saying 6pm when it's always past 6pm somewhere. But as you say they want to sell shit and use scare tactics to do it. Plus the world is never going to end anytime soon, people maybe, world no and it isn't going to just poof happen all in one magic day. People need to wise up and stop believing this crap.

    Yeah I ask the same stuff with the religous hocus pocus, then they just come back with God has a plan or some crap like that and ignore it all, staying in their own little

  5. Chris- Yeah! I'm still here and it's now 7:05pm. I had to drop off my stuff that I got today before heading over to Kroger to get some MORE stuff. LOL!

    Pat- That's what I thought too when I was writing this. Australia is always so far ahead of us that if anything were to happen "by the clock" it would happen there first.

    It's big business! HUGE. No different that the video game, car or music industry. Except I've never seen anyone from any of those industries dressed up in Armani suits on national TV begging for money. :)


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