Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Calm Before the Storm...

So I went to our supplier yesterday to get more "stuff" for this weekend. It an enjoyable experience for me but I think Sweets would rather chew on broken glass. There are so many interesting things to discover there if you have the patience to dig. I take a few hours and go to hand select everything that we offer at the market and on Ebay. It's fun because it's a challenge. But right now it's not leaving much time to write. :(

So far this week, I'm adding 2 American Girl Bitty Babies, some crazy ass horse light (see video), vintage linens, a couple of lamps, Halloween stuff, a really nice dog/animal cage and hot sauce among other items that are too numerous to list for next weekend's adventure at Croy Creek Trader's Fair. I'm praying for sunny skies but so far I don't think Mother Nature is in the mood to amuse me. Bummer.  But either way I know it will be an extremely amusing experience... because the flea markets always are!

Anyway... tomorrow is the auction and I'm contemplating whether or not I'm going. There really isn't much there for the market. I usually use that for Ebay but it's been a while since I've went so who knows. Maybe I'll take a look at their website to see what they have pictured.

It's been a busy but boring couple of days around here! But I have the horse light to keep me company and in a deep trance if I look at it for too long. :)

Just don't stare at it too long or it will suck you in too!  I'm tellin' ya, it's evil.

Happy Tuesday!




  1. Lanie,

    What kind of things for Halloween did you get? I like the lit up skulls :-)

    Chris :-)

  2. Hi Chris,

    Oh my, a LOT of Halloween stuff! I discovered that it sells well all year round so I've been picking it out of the bins when I go. Come September, it will disappear from the bins until after Halloween. That seems to be their pattern for holidays.

    Yesterday I got some really cool and creepy 8" spiders that hang from cords, a witch's shoe, small cat candy holder, yard sign, a ceramic piece that is hard to describe. We have quite a few Jack o' Lanterns now that light up and a ghost in addition to the skulls. That skull piece is really neat.

    An entire section of my set up is now dedicated to Halloween. Christmas, Easter and other holidays don't sell well but Halloween sure does! It's really cool. :)


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