Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It Does Exist...

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Did you know...

You can love someone so deeply that just the very touch of their hand can send you to places that you never knew existed.  You can love someone so deeply that just the thought of them not being there can wreck an entire day.  You can love someone so deeply that the fear of losing them to anything is equal to the thought of walking to the gallows.  And you can love someone so deeply that wherever they choose to go, you blindly follow.

Love is nothing new here.  We've had this conversation a few times over the years my friends.  Examined it, dissected it and tried to understand it.  But my conclusion is there really is no way to understand it.  Like the oxygen in the air we breath, we need it to survive.  If someone takes away your oxygen you quickly perish.  Take away all of the love and it's slower and more painful but in the end it is the same result.

I admit I am not the best when it comes to showing love.  I tread lightly, when sometimes I shouldn't.  I know that telling someone you love them isn't always enough.  At least not for everyone.  Some people see the little things but then again, some don't.  Love is hard work and sometimes I can make it hard for someone to love me.  But I also believe that if you truly love someone, you love them for their flaws as much as their strengths. They are who they are and you can't change them.

No one ever looks for sadness, hatred and loathing. We search for happiness and along with happiness comes love.  They walk hand in hand in our world.  They belong together.  They can sometimes be one and the same.  Neither is ever mistaken for anything else when you feel it.  It is what it is and it is beautiful.

If we are lucky enough, at some point in our lives we find it and are able to bask in the total innocence and unwavering beauty of it.  If we aren't then life can be a cesspool of misery.

I heard it said once that there are three people in this world that you are truly compatible with and that those three individuals can be looked at as your soul mate.  Do soul mates actually exist?  Maybe.  No one really knows for sure.  It's like searching for Bigfoot.  Some people are convinced he's out there and some are convinced he isn't.  I'm on the fence because there isn't any hard nosed scientific proof either way.  Really, who knows for sure?

The idea of soul mates is what keeps some people going.  Maybe those people have just gotten lucky... or found the ultimate curse.  I imagine falling in love with someone that is so utterly compatible to you would literally suck the air from the lungs if they were to ever leave your world.  People can die of a broken heart.  From loneliness.  From being alone.

All I do know is that love does exist.  A deep, longing and wanting kind of love that no other feeling in the world can replace.  The kind of love where you want to wear the other person's skin just so you can learn everything about them.  Their thoughts.  Their dreams.  And their desires.  Share them with no judgement.  No ridicule.  Perfect acceptance, compromise and understanding.  After all, it is a pure emotion that should never be tainted or misused.

I love you is one of the most powerful sentences in the world.  It is misunderstood and manipulated.  It is said with an ulterior motive behind it.  It is said when the understanding of what it truly means isn't known.

Love is tricky.  Love is dangerous.  Love is all that is good in this world.  If you love someone, you know it.  At some point in time... you just know it.

Happy Wednesday my friends...




  1. My luck in this endeavor has been crap. Not in a cesspool of misery yet though..hahahaha

    Don't know how much stake I but in soulmates, but it's possible.

    I also once heard "There are 1 million people in the world you could be happy with. You just have to decide whether their number 1 or number 999,965"

    Don't know if I'd use such a big number like a million, but it does make sense.

  2. Lanie,

    I thought I found my soulmate, but timing was never right so I guess she wasn't :-) I ask her once why we never dated and she just shrugged and said "I guess the timing was never right".

    My ex and mom worked together. After the divorce, my mom told me that the ex said "I can change him". You see how well that went ... LOL

    Greatpost as always. Is that you and Sweets with the "I love you" fingers? That was a great "play me". Very soulful and she has a great voice. Who is the artist?

    Chris :-)

  3. Hi Pat,

    They also say you'll find it when you least expect it. I forgot to add that tidbit in. Yikes! The million number sounds large but actually more promising than just three!

  4. Hi Chris,

    Yeah, it's never good to go into something thinking you can change the other person to meet your liking. It never works because people can't change other people.

    No, it's not us. It's a photo I swiped from Google. :) The singer is Melody Gardot. She does have a wonderful voice.

  5. Lanie,

    I saw that. She does have a beautiful voice. I was way into it until I went to her twitter site. Ugh :-( The Paris love and America dissing really turned me off. She has a truly interesting story though. She was hit by an SUV while riding a bicycle. She cannot sit up for more than 10 minutes at a time and turned to music to help in the healing process. She used to play the piano, but turned to guitar after the accident. I guess I never should have looked at twitter. LOL

    Chris :-)


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