Tuesday, July 26, 2011

There's More Than Corn in Indiana...

That's right folks!  There IS more than corn in Indiana.  :)

It's been another busy few days but we are never too busy to take a nice, slow walk around the garden to see what surprises lay in store for us.  Today it was corn.  Beautiful, sweet, fresh, non-GMO sweet corn.

How do you know it is really non-GMO?  The answer to that question is easy.  Take a little bit of RoundUp and  put it on one of the plants.  (Just make sure the test plant is away from the others!) If it dies, then that batch is non-GMO.  If it lives, you are screwed because that means you have corn that has been genetically modified by Monsanto.  The majority of the corn in the United States has been genetically modified.  *sigh*  Eventually, because of the laws of nature, it all will be and there isn't a darn thing anyone can do about it now.

But ours isn't.  At least not yet.

And you aren't going to believe this... remember that quilt I talked about in the last blog?  Well... it's finished.  I finally finished it and am so darn excited about it that I almost jumped up and down screaming like a 4 year old little girl when I tied off the last stitch.  It has been listed for sale on Etsy because I really don't want to keep it.  I don't need it.  It wasn't for me to begin with.  So I'm letting it go.

Sometimes you have to just let things go no matter how much you don't want to.

And... wait for it... wait for it...

I've been PAINTING.  Yep.  That's right!  I haven't made the transition back to canvas yet.  I wanted to paint some things to list on Etsy and since it's the end of July, I decided to do a few Halloween pieces.  I know you may be thinking what the hell does July have to do with October but when you make things for a holiday to sell, you have to start early in order to "bank" for that holiday.  Halloween an awesome holiday and Halloween items are popular on the site.  Plus, I can paint my favorite things.  Sunsets work very well with shadows.  A lot of the paintings I've done in the past have been sunsets and have turned out SO beautiful!

Here are a few of the pieces that I've painted recently:

A little Haunted House Birdhouse

A sunset birdhouse painted with a continuous shadow scene all the way around.

Wooden "Ghoul Goody Bag" #1

Wooden "Ghoul Goody Bag" #2

And the last of this preview:

An angry pumpkin ornie.  :)

There have been a TON of loose ends tied up this week!  That's a good thing because it means I'll have more time to paint.  More time to write and more time to spend here with you.  Sharing the happenings, bitching and "what the hells" that I've become so fond of.  :)

Oh, and another piece of breaking news before I forget to share... Spud has recently discovered a place in the garden where my neighbor's cats have been pooping so now he's added cat poop to his list of delicacies that he enjoys along with the rocks, sticks, Sophie's hair, toilet water and dirty socks that he eats on a regular basis when he thinks I'm not looking.  He's freakin' nasty.  But it's kinda funny as long as he doesn't lick my face.  *UGH!*  

The bad habits of an adorable puppy have turned out to be interesting to say the least.  Sophie and Sweets are not amused with a lot of his antics but I just shake my head and remind them... he's just a puppy.  Maybe he'll outgrow it.  Ok, I HOPE he will outgrow it.

Happy Tuesday!




  1. Lanie,

    Great corn pic :-)

    Glad you are painting. Speaking of Halloween ... Where is my painting? ... lol

    Just teasing you ;-) Hopefully Spuds will grow out of it.

    Chris :-)

  2. hahaha Guess Spud would have liked the cat poop pringle can I offered to send..hahaha.

    He may grow out of it, or just get a tad sneakier. Great halloween decorations too! Yeah no all to well the imporatance of getting stuff done and ready early.


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