Saturday, August 27, 2011

Bright Ideas Can Sometimes FAIL...

And this one failed because of the utter lack of cooperation from the two inhabitants of our home that really should have done what I asked them to.  Instead, they were all willy nilly.  Didn't listen to what I told them and just flat out refused to help.

Ungrateful little pains in my ass.

Since Spudward is getting bigger and is now eating as much if not more than Sophie, the dog food bill has doubled.  I figured it would be  in their best interest to provide for themselves and since others would frown on me turning them loose into the wild to hunt for their next meal, I had to think of another option.  And it had to be a bit creative to be successful.

So, I have an account of  The thought was to use them to post a gig that would be so irresistible that it would sell like hotcakes.  So, how about a sign being held in Spudward or Sophie's mouth and take a picture of it?  That would be adorable.  They could have picked which dog they wanted and what they wanted on the sign.  Sample photos would have included phrases like I love you, Marry Me and of course something along the line of You Suck.

It would have been genius and I know it would have sold if they would have been cooperative.

Sophie didn't want any part of it.  I even rubbed a piece of dog food on the top of the first sign to see if I could get her to hold it.  Nope.  She just wasn't going to do it. 

 Spudward on the other hand was really into it, but not in a good way.

And yes, I did make a second sign.  He demolished and tried to eat both of them.  He was also terribly upset with me when I wadded them up and threw them in the trash with frustration.  He dug one out of the trash and I caught him running around the dining room with it.  He was having a good time throwing the wadded paper up in the air and batting it around.  Idiot.

So that idea has been laid to rest as a result of the completely uncooperative K9 inhabitants in our home.

So... maybe I'll try a video of Spudward tearing someone's sign up.  Of course when I do that, he'll probably just sit there holding it in his mouth staring sadly into the camera.  He's just that kind of goofball.

Happy Saturday




  1. Lanie,

    Should have known Sophie wouldn't pimp herself out ... LOL

    Spudward was too much of a puppy to know better :-)

    Here's an idea. Make cardboard sandwich signs and have them walk back and forth. One message both side $5 Different messages on each side $10.

    I give you this royalty free :-)

    Have a great weekend,

  2. You could always make letter out of cat poop and have it shown, then have Spud come along and gulp the letters down. Think that work?..hahahaha

  3. Oh that is too funny. ha. Just like kids...when you want them to show off they loose all brain cells and refuse to cooperate!

  4. Chris- I bet you are right. She has that diva attitude and if she could talk she would have probably told me that's she's too good for something like that!

    I love the sandwich sign idea though, thanks! Maybe take Spudward downtown and tape him running around with it because that would be a double whammy for anyone wanting to advertise a business or website. If it's just a saying it will still be cute. Sophie isn't safe in public anymore because she snaps at strangers. I think it's her age.

    Pat- Yikes! I'm trying to break him from his love of cat poop. Although I hate to say with the 5 cats next door and 2 living behind us, there would be an ample supply of spelling materials. It takes him a minute to eat each piece. He chews thoroughly so I'd have to speed up the video. I know, ewwww! Gross! LOL!

    Betsy- Yes they are! Every time I try to get them to do something this is usually the result. They can be so funny sometimes!


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