Monday, August 22, 2011

The Elephant Ear Dilemma...

This past weekend, Sweets and I decided to take a trip over to the Indiana State Fair.  He has NEVER been to the Indiana State Fair so it was of the up most importance that we make the trip this year.  I know I make it sound like it takes forever to get there.  It really doesn't.  But with the traffic it felt like we were on a never ending journey across the country.

Now, I'm not a big fan of the State Fair.  I'm more of a Marion County Fair kinda lady.  The reason being the thug and riffraff ratio.  The Marion County Fair is located in a quiet, farmland setting versus the Indiana State Fair's downtown, congested, urban setting.  I'm not scared by no means, I just don't like stupid and will avoid it at all costs.  Plain and simple in my experience, there is more stupid at the Indiana State Fair than the Marion County Fair.

But the food is my weakness.

We didn't eat before we went because the plan is to go from booth to booth filling up on the wonderful, unhealthy junk that you can always find at a fair.  Elephant ears are my weakness.  I love them.  But standing in line at the first place we saw that offered them, I noticed something a little alarming.  Instead of brushing on that wonderful, melted butter before adding the cinnamon sugar, they were taking a squirt bottle of some whiteish colored goo and putting it on them before the cinnamon sugar.  No butter.  Just the white goo.

An alarm went off inside my brain.  WTF is THAT white goo?  What the hell happened to just plain ol' butter?  And why the HELL would ANYONE change a carnival staple like an elephant ear?  Are these people smoking crack behind their food booths?

I asked the man at the window if they use butter on theirs and he told me no.  They use "this" and he showed me the squirt bottle that was filled with white goo.  By his use of the word "this," it gave me the impression that he wasn't even sure what the "this" was.  So I wrinkled up my nose in protest and told him thanks, but no thanks.  It took a few minutes of searching but Sweets and I finally found a food vendor who was just saying no to the white goo.  And it was good my friends.  Very good.

The next mission was strawberry shortcake.  I had the BEST strawberry shortcake ever there a couple of years ago.  It was actually on a biscuit.  The strawberries were dripping in their sugar syrup bath (not that fake ass strawberry gel goo that you get at Kroger or your local pancake house) and it was topped with REAL whipped cream.  Not the crap out of a can or that fake ass Cool Whip (I do like Cool Whip but it's nice to have the real thing too!).  We located the building and after the elephant ear incident, I described the strawberry shortcake I had a few years ago to make sure I was in the right place.  The guy told me they don't do the whipped cream anymore, now they are topped with soft serve ice cream but the rest is still the same.  It isn't homemade ice cream either.  It's out of a bag and put through the machine.  *sigh*

So, Sweets got the ice cream because I had them put it on the side.  He doesn't like strawberries, so I ate the strawberries and the biscuit.  It was yummy, but not quite as good as the first time.

We walked around.  And ate some more.  It was a fun evening!  But next year, I think we'll stick to the Marion County Fair.  Hopefully everything will be just like I remember.  After all, we are really only there for the food.

Happy Monday.



PS:  You can't go to the fair without playing at least one game (I need to teach Sweets how to use my phone too!)...


  1. Lanie,

    I almost peed myself when you said white goo. You know what white goo is ;-) and I wouldn't want it on my elephant ear either. Just them saying "this" and showing you the bottle was priceless. It could have been battery acid as far as they knew. Oh well another reason to skip the city fairs.

    Chris :-)

  2. hahaha yet another reason why I remain a picky eater, screw eating any of that..haha

  3. Hi Chris,

    OMG! I didn't even think of that when I described it as white goo but I DO know what you are referring to and that is funny as hell! LMAO!

    Yeah, the way the guy picked up the bottle and said "this" really made me think he had NO clue what was in the bottle. It's probably some kind of powdered sugar icing but really, who knows.

  4. Hi Pat,

    Found your other blog today through Twitter. :)

    You never know what's in the food down here. The US has become the dumping ground for tainted science experiments & big business. I just read an article today about poisonous honey being allowed in from China even though Europe has banned it. There's no telling WHAT we are eating.

  5. Lanie,

    LOL I knew you would find that funny :-) It was some short of icing I am sure. Someone from now on should change their sign to be All Natural Elephant Ears. They would make a fortune.

    BTW - for the shortcake, WTF! they can't make whipped cream? I have seen where you take whipping cream and run a mixer in it at high and "poof" there is your whipped cream.

    Oh well, I am starting my blog soon :-) I am getting excited!

    Chris :-)

  6. Chris-

    Sweet! Is it a personal blog or business? I'm gonna go check that out!

    BTW- I make homemade whipped cream quite often, it is actually REALLY easy. You have to add sugar to it after it is whipped. Just keep the mixer going for an extra minute or two to make sure it is beaten in. Otherwise it is bitter tasting. (Just in case ya didn't know and want to try it.) It's AWESOME to the 10th degree!

  7. Lanie,

    I haven't upgraded hosting yet. As soon as I have it up and running I will let you know. We could have a BLOG OFF ... lol I will not attempt to best the master :-)

    Chris :-)


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