Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Houston, We Have a Problem...

They say that art imitates life and if that's true than I'm am completely and utterly screwed.  But defining art is best left up to the artist.  To work in their medium of choice and work to create their masterpiece.

We are all artists of life.  We create ourselves as we go forward each and every day.  Some are as flamboyant and colorful as a peacock while others choose the dull and mundane black and white.  You have to look closer at black and white to see what's really there.  With no distractions.  Nothing is hiding under the distraction of color.  What you see is what you get.  And what you get out of most people can sometimes depend on you.

Depending on where they are in their life, people's hearts can sometimes be so fragile.  Their emotions can overload and cause them to say and do things they would have never dreamed in a million years that they would ever say or do.  Life never contains perfection no matter how much we think or would like to believe it does.  At least that's my opinion from my experience.

Sometimes people need to be rescued.  They need someone to be there for them when they fall.  Someone to try and understand why.  An active participant in healing what has been broken instead of becoming an obstacle to overcome.  The strength to help instead of harm is in all of us and should be there for the people we care about.  Instead of the "what," maybe the answers can be found in the "why."

Chains are built on the "what."  Each time the "what" comes to light, another link and weight is added.  My chain is heavy at this very second because I need the "why" but the "why" has never came.  So the chain keeps growing and getting heavier.  The concentration dissipates even further bringing in confusion and anger.  And every day there's another "what" because of it and with each "what" another link is forged into the chain.

Along with the "why" should come understanding if the mind is open and willing.  Along with understanding comes healing.  Happiness and contentment are all located within the healing.  But the "why" is the path less traveled these days with no understanding that by the simple act of giving the "why" and the understanding that comes with it, there would be no more "what."

It's a chain reaction of events caused by perception.  Miscommunication.  Unintended consequences.  Mistakes and misunderstandings.  The creation of every "what" has been a long time in the making.  I completely understand the "what."  But it's impossible to stop the creation of the "what" without receiving the "why."

Even the strongest person can fall.  Even the strongest person can become fragile.  Even the strongest person can become too weak to heal themselves without the help of the "why."

I know it's confusing.  Just be thankful you aren't in my shoes tonight.

Happy Wednesday my friends.



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  1. Lanie,

    What's up buttercup ... lol Hope I made you laugh.

    May the giggle you just had break a few links off the chain :-)

    Hope all is well and my thought's and prayers go out to you.

    Chris :-)


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