Saturday, August 13, 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow?

I don't know about yours, but ours grows with weeds.  And more weeds and even more freakin' weeds.

The past couple of days have brought a few new things.  Good and bad.  We have had some disappointing results.  The beans being one of them.  They were stringy.  REALLY stringy.  It didn't matter what stage they were picked in, they were so stringy even after being broken that they were inedible.  A major disappointment but then again, things happen and next year, we won't be buying our beans from the same seed company.

The corn is hit or miss.  Some ears are absolutely beautiful while others are full of kernels on one side and bare on the other.  It's been an interesting experience filled with anomalies.  I wasn't impressed enough with any of it to pick any particular stalk to collect seed from.  So next year since the corn will be in a much larger area, I'll be buying seed again and also from a different company.  Finding non-GMO corn seed will be a challenge, but I'm up to it.

Our watermelon plants have only produced 2 watermelons which is another disappointment.  I love watermelon so this one has me a bit perplexed.  Since I haven't seen very many bees this year, I actually pollinated the blooms by hand when I saw them but had no real luck.  The big shock is that the plants are from the same seed company but I can't logically blame them for this one because of the pollination issues.

I agree with my brother when it comes to either renting or starting a bee colony in the back yard.  Bees are excellent pollinators and a necessary part of a successful garden, vegetable and flower.  I am planning on doing the research to be able to put a colony into the back yard next spring.  It's going to be a necessity for a successful growing season, and I also LOVE honey so it will be a double win for us!

The carrots were awesome.  I pulled the rest of them yesterday.  Large and sweet with a really nice crunch.  I'm really looking forward to the fall planting so I'll be able to stash some in the basement to eat over the winter.

Our tomatoes are ready so I picked a few of them out of the garden yesterday.  The plants are getting HUGE!  These tomato plants did not come from the same company because those seedlings died shortly after being put out.  (I raised them from seed in little cups.)  So, no more tomato seeds from that company either.

BUT, I did make some of the most yummy tomato relish yesterday.  It's full of awesomeness and has the most interesting flavor that jumps off the tongue and tickles the soul.  If you want the recipe, just check out the link to my Hub on HubPages and have at it!

Have a happy Saturday my friends!




  1. Lanie,

    Thanks for the updates :-) Just when you get your seeds from different non GMO's and they are all successful, you will have to spill the non stringy beans ... lol

    Keep the green thumb humming.

    Chris :-)

  2. wow...that carrot is amazing! I'm going them, but I don't think they are nearly ready to be picked. My zucchini plant died for no apparent reason but the rest of the things seem to be doing well. All the rain has helped a lot. I want to go pull up a carrot and see how they are coming along! ha.


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