Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Taking a Slow Down Moment...

Quilting is a past time that I am extremely fond of.  Unfortunately with the availability of sewing machines and our never ending quest for "saving time," hand quilting has become a dying art.  In fact, hand sewing of any type has been set aside for the benefits of time. Yes, it is much faster to allow a machine to do the work for you but there's just something extremely rewarding about a project that takes that valuable time once it is completed.

This is the quilt that I am working on at the moment.  It's a beautiful, brightly colored scrap quilt top that was actually sewn together by a machine and probably put together in a day or two instead of the weeks that it would have taken to do it by hand.  I have layered it with a 100% cotton batting (filling) and the back of the quilt is a heavy, solid ivory colored flannel.  In other words, it's extremely warm.  Almost too warm.

This quilt will adorn our bed this winter.  I can hear and see it in my mind now.  Sweets will kick it off complaining that it's too hot.  I'll smile and remind him that I spent hours hand quilting it just for him.  He will give me "that look" and then pull a corner of it over himself... until I fall asleep.  Because he always wakes up before I do, I'll never know that he did in fact kick it off of himself again after I have drifted off into dreamland.

Taking the time to create something by hand is a rewarding feeling once it is completed.  I think it is in the whole process.  Slowing down for an hour or two every day to sit and quilt gives me the opportunity for a bit of deep thinking.  Problem solving if it is needed or creative thinking about... well... anything.  There have been a few eureka moments when the needle is in hand and the mind is relaxed and clear.

I've made it a point to work on this quilt for at least an hour a day since the last one was completed.  A simple hour to relax.  Clear the mind and process all of the activities for the day.  Listen to myself and see where to go next.  Silent therapy from within can sometimes be just what the doctor ordered to make sense of everything troubling if it is there.  If it isn't then it's a chance to just be.  To Relax.  And breathe.

You should try it sometime.  Not necessarily quilting but find something that relaxes you and take a slow down moment to enjoy it.  You'll be thankful that you did.

Happy Wednesday...



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  1. Yes very true, everyone needs such a way to escape every once and a while. Was very rewarding and fun for me to write the book. But I also increase my vast movie knowledge with a new one every now and again..hahaha


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