Friday, August 12, 2011

What?!? You Don't Like ME?

It used to really bother me when I thought someone didn't like me.  We all think that we are overflowing with our own awesomeness and that no one could possibly think we suck as human beings.  Guess what?  We are all wrong about that one.

If you haven't already had this eureka moment in life, you eventually will and it's a bit of a shock to the system.  Yes, not everyone likes me.  In fact, some people actually hate me.  And they don't like or even possibly hate you too!  Ooooo!  OMG!  How will we ever survive?

Now, let me give you an example of something that you may have experienced.  We can use my "almost at the bottom of my list of favorite websites"... Facebook.  Some people get all bent out of shape when someone de-friends them.  I don't freak out at all.  I will admit that a bit of curiosity does slither into my brain as to why they don't like me.  And obviously they don't if they kicked me out of their friend circle.  

Am I too happy?  
Am I not broadcasting enough of my life's drama to keep them interested?  
Am I boring?
Not amusing enough?
Or am I going too deep sometimes and it makes their brain hurt to read this crap?  
Is my deodorant not working well enough?
Are they appalled at some of my bad habits like the excessive use of the "f" word in some of my blogs?  Well welcome to the real world.  This isn't mamby pamby land you jackwagon!  :) (I love that commercial!)

Well, I think it is a bit of a slap in the face although I do have to applaud them for their honesty.  So here's a little honesty from me on the subject of what I think if someone doesn't like me:

It's OK.  I completely understand.  Funny thing is, I don't like everyone I meet either.  In fact, there's some people out there that I would be completely content with never laying eyes on them again.  And that's how I came to the conclusion that it's not healthy to worry about it if someone doesn't like you.  If they don't like you, fuck em'.  You don't need them anyway.

So, with that little life lesson in mind... have an awesome Friday my friends!  I hope your weekend is filled with real friends.  The ones who actually DO like you and that you like in return. 




  1. Lanie,

    I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!! :-)

    Of course I don't. ;-)

    Chris :-)

  2. Yeah you are such a pain in the wonder no one likes you...hahahahaha.....j/k

    I have never cared from day one who liked me and who didn't, fuck em is my exact phrase, there are dozens of people I'd never want to lay eyes on again as well.

    What's worse is when you don't like the person and they can't take the hint.

  3. Chris- LMAO!

    Pat- I know. :( I feel like Pip sometimes.

    That is so true. I've had that experience as well and had to resort to just being a bitch. I didn't enjoy it one bit either.


Say want you want but be nice or be gone. :)