Thursday, September 15, 2011

It Really is a Dog's Life...

Do they belong to us or do we belong to them?  Sometimes I wonder if dog's refer to us as their property just as we refer to them as ours.  It's confusing really if you take a moment and think about it.

The same thing could be said about any pet with half a brain and the ability to express emotion.  Do hamsters ever get their feelings hurt?  Where IS the line on animal intelligence and self awareness?  Do animals have the ability to love, or is their affection for us just for the purpose of self preservation? 

We go through hell when something happens to our pets.  Whether it be because of old age or an accident, losing a pet can be a tramatic experiene in human existance.


It really would be heartbreaking to find out that Sophie paces and Spud freaks out when I leave the house for the simple fact that they are afraid that I took the kibble with me.  Sweets says I'm spoiling them.  But I'm not the one that gives them each a hot dog every day. 

It's probably best for me not to pursue the answers to those questions because I may be disappointed in what I find out.  As far as I'm concerned, they love me unconditionally.  That's my thought and I'm sticking to it.

Sometimes I hate my brain.

Happy Thursday!




  1. Dogs and cats are more higher aware and they know exactly what they are doing, whether it's for self presservation or because they love you is a whole different story. Hamsters and say ants, are all about basic instinct and nothing more.

  2. Lanie,

    Dogs are decendants of wolves who slowly moved into human campfires for scraps of food and warmth. As the wolves were domesticated, they became important partners in the human timeline. Of course being wolf decendants, they love a pack order. I think they have emotions as they seem excited when you come home and seem to sulk when punished. The fact that dogs can be trained, seems to lean toward some intelligence.

    Chris :-)


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