Saturday, October 8, 2011

Where Were We?

So it's been a crazy few weeks here in Lanie Land.  I can't remember (and I'm too lazy to look) if I told you that my car bit the big one.  It was practically on life support anyway but ended up giving up the ghost about three weeks ago stranding Spudward and I about 3/4 mile from home.

Sweets and I had the poor thing towed home and it was confirmed.  The motor was shot.  We knew it was coming though so I guess it wasn't any really big surprise.  It was a good car and yes, I did shed a tear for her as the new owner towed her down the driveway.  I'll finish this story in a minute.

So I've been stuck at the house during the day but surprisingly enough, I found out that someone can actually get a lot of stuff done when their home alone all day long.  Well, a lot of stuff that doesn't have anything to do with blogging obviously since I haven't written here in almost a month.  (BAD LANIE!)

It's been cold enough out that the pups and I have enjoyed a few fires in the fireplace.  There's not much in this world that can compare to a real wood fire on a chilly morning.  Spud agrees with me.  It was the first time he had ever seen one and it had his undivided attention for a couple of hours.

Last weekend, Spud and I made it out to Croy Creek.  Not to set up, because we didn't have the extra vehicle, but to visit and look for XBox games.  I've told you a few times before that I love the flea market.  Not only as a vendor but as a shopper too.  Imagine my surprise when I found this:

Now, I had one exactly like this when I was little.  I mean way little.  Like 3 years old.  I actually remember the dog, a cash register and Grover.  I still have the original Grover but HAD to buy this guy from the vendor at Croy Creek.  Oh yeah, I also found two XBox games for Sweets but we haven't tried them out yet.

I also discovered that Spud is more of an indoor kinda dog.  It was chilly last weekend and he started shivering when the wind blew.  So even though I KNEW Sweets was going to kill me for it, I forked out a dollar for an Old Navy size 18 month baby sweater and Mom and I put it on him.  I think he looked adorable.  Sweets started yelling "Take it off of him, Lanie!" when we got home.  *giggle*  It fits him like a glove and he looks so handsome!  I think it's entirely possible that Sophie has been making fun of him and his sweater.

Justin and his girlfriend have been staying with us for a while so they could look for their own place in Indianapolis.  Sweets and I have enjoyed having them here but they have been successful in finding a place to move into.  I went over there to meet the Gas guy and noticed something moving around in the back yard...

That's one brave rabbit.  Being a rabbit around me is ballsy this time of year because rabbit season starts on October 1st in some areas in Indiana and on November 4th for the rest of us.  I bought an iron skillet specifically for cooking rabbit... and squirrel... and I'm itching to use it.

Anyway... to make a long story even just a little bit longer... allow me to introduce you to the Beast:

You can't see it from the driver's side but it does have the swinging doors on the other side that most vans have.  It's ours.  We replaced the Grand Am with this monster of a vehicle.  Why?  Because it makes sense.  I needed transportation (obviously before I kill someone from cabin fever) and I needed a vehicle to protect my flea market stock from the rain.  Let your shit get wet once or twice and it will piss you off bad enough that you'd do the same thing.  HA!

Then I got to thinking.  Not only will this Beast be awesome for the flea market and getting me back and forth to work when I find a job, this thing is a money maker from hell for someone (like me) that has the work ethic of... well... me I guess.  I could use it to deliver flowers for a flower shop on Valentine's Day.  I could use it for a paper route.  I could use it for so many different things in order to make a buck or two!  Woo hoo!  I LOVE the Beast!

And I'll be vending at Croy Creek this coming weekend for the first time in a couple of months.  YES!  I've really got to thin the inventory so I can get new junk... I mean stuff.  The set up will be sweet as all get out now that I have the Beast.

Anyway, in a nut shell, that's what has been going on in my world for the past few weeks.  I'll hopefully be here more now and I'm cutting this off here because Sweets just asked me if I'm writing a book!  

Happy Saturday!



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  1. Lanie,

    Sorry to hear about car. Beast looks good. Spudward looks cute in the shirt :-)

    Chris :-)


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