Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy Spring!

So March 20th is the first day of Spring for 2012.  Thank goodness it's finally here!  The last few days of beautiful weather have allowed me and the 8 other inhabitants to get a lot of things done.  Well, actually I've been getting things done.  2 of them just watch or get in the way and the other 6 are completely clueless and always will be.

My list of things that need to be done around here is never ending and I sometimes feel like I'm drowning in a sea of... well... things that need to be done!  They say there's no rest for the wicked but I had no idea I was ever this mean.  :)

I decided to make an attempt at a schedule.  There are so many hours in a day and I've got to spend them wisely! 

I moved Rebecca to her new spot today and got the outline of rocks in place for extending the flower bed in the back of the house.  She's heavy!  Not as heavy as I expected but since I moved her all by my lonesome I got to find out just how solid this lady is.

I like her new spot.  I needed to move her up from the back so she could be seen and admired.  She should be! She's beautiful!  I remember sitting back in the back area years before we bought this place thinking to myself how pretty that statue actually is.

Maybe tomorrow I'll put some newspaper down to start the grass kill in the area where the bed is extended.  I smell an herb garden going in there along with the lily of the valley and a creeping plant that I don't know the name of, that are already there.  A few bearded purple iris and what my mother has always called "ditch lilies."  The large, tall orange lilies that you see growing in ditches by the side of the road.  

I'm going to add some annuals.  Petunias for sure.  I want them to look like they are being dumped out of the terracotta pot onto the ground at Rebecca's feet.  I intentionally left a few indention spots in the rocks.  There will be moss roses growing in those.

Early this evening, I was fumbling around in the back looking for a few good branches for another crazy idea that I have that I really don't have time for.  As I started my walk back up to the house, something in the sunset glow caught my attention where the garden was at last year and will go in this year...

The green you see is butterhead lettuce.  The red is red romaine.  Left over from last year and it's coming up in it's perfect, original row.  Then, I noticed three of these...

Yep.  Those are onions.  I'm perplexed by those.  They are in the spot where my onions were last year but I thought for sure that I had got them all.  It was a disappointment because half way through the growing season, I was sure all of my onions were gone!

I guess it's time to get out the starter trays and get the herbs going.  I'll have herbs this year or die trying since last year's starters did absolutely nothing.  As long as I can keep a puppy who's name we won't mention here, OFF the kitchen table, doing them in trays instead of cups this time just might be the ticket to success.

Yep.  It's that time of year.

Happy Spring!  Finally!!!




  1. Lanie,

    I guess no real snow this year. I need to get the charger on the riding mower and cut grass tomorrow before I need a guide and machete ... lol

    Chris :-)

  2. I have to finish ours or I'll end up having to use a machete too. It's getting LONG and unruly!


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